Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Like they're not doing it already ...

Oh God:

The Bank of England is set to begin "printing money" in a bid to boost the economy after its rate-setting committee unanimously agreed that its Governor must write to the Chancellor.

The minutes of the Bank's rate-setting meeting earlier this month showed that as well as voting 8-1 to cut rates to 1 per cent, the nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) agreed that the Mervyn King, the Bank's Governor, should write to Alistair Darling to seek permission to embark on "quantitative easing" — sometimes called printing money.

The minutes said: "It is unlikely that the inflation target could be met solely by cutting Bank Rate. Official figures released yesterday showed that the CPI inflation, the Bank's target measure, fell again in Janaury to 3 per cent from 3.1 per cent. But it is widely expected to slide well below the Bank's 2 per cent target in the coming months, rising the risk of deflation. The Bank has forecast that inflation will remain close to zero until 2012.

"Therefore the Committee unanimously agreed that the Governor should write on its behalf to the Chancellor to seek authority to conduct purchases of government and other securities, financed by the creation of central bank money using the Asset Purchase Facility."

The Mugabe option is kicking in officially.

We are fucked.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the government understand that everything they are doing is only making it worst?

What are the actual chances of hyperinflation?

Definately buying gold and silver now.

Damo Mackerel

Chalcedon said...

£600 billion with shift the inflation rate up. Can I have a suitcase full please? I need a bale out for my mortgage. What? Only for the banks? But it is for the bank. My bank. Via my mortgasge account with them. Come on! it's only worthless paper pretending to have a value. Ooops!

Anonymous said...

They're just trying to keep the merry-go-round turning until June next year.

Apres nous, ils pensent, la deluge!

Jack Maturin said...

The M4 figure is currently at 16.6% and rising, with the Bank of England constantly expanding the money supply, though usually through subterfuge, such as buying up OLD government bonds with money out of thin air.

With an official base rate of 1%set to go to 0% real soon, expect M4 to start heading a long way north of 20% once they start buying NEW government bonds with money out of thin air.

Zimbabwe here we come.

(Expect lots of piffle in the next few days about the vapourware hobgoblin of price deflation, to cover up this counterfeiting.)

Anonymous said...

The clock is certainly ticking down to an inflationary timebomb of apocalyptic proportions.Well done Gordon.