Monday, 16 February 2009

Milivanilli lied

So much for an ethical foreign policy:

The Foreign Office (FCO) solicited the letter from the US State Department that forced British judges to block the disclosure of CIA files documenting the torture of a British resident held in Guantánamo Bay, the Observer can reveal.

The letter said that the release of papers relating to Binyam Mohamed would damage future intelligence sharing between the two countries.

A former senior State Department official said that it was the Foreign Office that initiated the "cover-up" by asking the State Department to send the letter so that it could be introduced into the court proceedings.

The revelation sparked fresh claims that the government is trying to suppress torture evidence relating to Mohamed, who is expected to be released this week after four years and flown to RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.

The former senior State Department official said: "Far from being a threat, it was solicited [by the Foreign Office]." The Foreign Office asked for it in writing. They said: 'Give us something in writing so that we can put it on the record.' If you give us a letter explaining you are opposed to this, then we can provide that to the court."

The slimey little banana waver lied, didn't he? Cunt.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Good find. It's usually the cover up that gets them, not the original deed. Had Millipede just said "We're not releasing that evidence, full stop" then fair enough, that's his decision.

The Penguin said...

He He He!

The Penguin

Rush-is-Right said...

I really can't get worked up about some grubby little cunt getting what's coming to him at Club Gitmo.

If he was tortured... well so fucking what. The scumbag had it coming to him.

And just because, en route to the jihad in Afghanistan, he lived in the UK for a few months he's entitled to protection from the UK courts and government?

No. Tell him to fuck off.

Kevin Boatang said...

Oi you clown!

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