Thursday, 5 February 2009

They don't like it up 'em, Part 1

An occasional column featuring the hypocrisy of the Righteous when their own tactics are used on them.

So ...

Two High Court judges, Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones, had intended to order that the documents on Mr Mohammed’s alleged torture be published.

However, they decided reluctantly to block the release of the information after being told that the withdrawal of American co-operation would lead to Britons facing a “very considerable increase” in the risk from terrorists.

In their judgment on Wednesday, the judges attacked the conduct of the US government, accusing it of attempting to subordinate the rule of law.

I wonder how these high court judges feel about the egregious use of British courts by libel tourists to stifle free speech in the US?


Chalcedon said...

The toe rag concerned is just a resident in this country, not a citizen. He's still human of course. I do wonder what he is doing in Gitmo, as many (but not all) were captured in battle or post battle in enemy territory or buildings.

A few have gone through Saudi rehab and then rejoined their Jihadist buddies in Yemen and elsewhere. Why are our courts and government getting so worked up over this guy? I certainly don't want him back in this country.

The Penguin said...

David Millipede, our Foreign Secretary From Outer Space, has confessed under pressure that he has no idea what words mean in plain English.

"When I say that the United States of America has not blackmailed or threatened the British Government over releasing details of the torture and mistreatment of an Ethiopian scumbag who had forfeited his British Residency status to go and kill American and British troops in Iraq and Aghanistan and who they want to dump on the taxpayer here in Britain, I merely mean that they have pointed out that releasing such information would result in serious consequences that we would not like."

David Millipede is 13 and a half and very fond of bananas. And Gordon's cock, of course.

The Penguin.

Oldrightie said...

"I merely mean that they have pointed out that releasing such information would result in serious consequences that we would not like."

What he means is what he and the Labourazis would not like us to know what arse licking Snotty and his bunch of coterie lickspittles and toerags have been up to.
My sources tell me they are so desperate to crawl up Obama's orifice, they will take as many terrorists, rapists and murderers he cares to send. After all they do it for the rest of the world.
Anything to get Saint Barak to bless GayGordo.
OT. Brown and Mandy cobbled together a package to pay for those so called extra jobs at Lindsey. The offshore labour is also pissed off, having learnt the hourly rate UK workers get!

Antipholus Papps said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

The Weimar Republic was transformed into the Nazi state by a government relentlessly promoting hysterical fear of 'terrorism' in order to bypass due process and destroy the rule of law.

You blog about your opposition to the galloping totalitarianism that has flourished in our 'democratic West' and yet brand this man a 'scumbag' when he hasn't even had a trial. You call him a 'scumbag' and a 'toerag' when no evidence whatsoever has been presented for his crime.

Shit, if Libertarians can't even understand the importance of presumption of innocence then we are truly fucked.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

You blog about your opposition to the galloping totalitarianism that has flourished in our 'democratic West' and yet brand this man a 'scumbag' when he hasn't even had a trial. You call him a 'scumbag' and a 'toerag' when no evidence whatsoever has been presented for his crime.

Huh? Where did I do that?

Chalcedon said...

That would be me saying such things. He was captured in pakistan after undergoing arms training and forgery classes apparently. I do believe the ISI got info out of him about this and rounded up a few of his mates.

He didn't have a British passport while resident here as he was not a citizen. He forged one to leave the UK and went to pakistan. This is not the action of a law abiding individual hence my description of this person as a "toe rag". I think I was pretty fair.

JuliaM said...

I'm sure he just wanted to check out the quality of the local naan bread!

Odin's Raven said...

From another site:

"‘Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum’ is a very interesting Latin phrase attributed to Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus who was one of Ancient Rome’s statesmen and the father-in-law of Julius Caesar.

In English, the phrase translates to “let justice be done, though the heavens may fall”. The maxim signifies the belief that justice must be realized even if the powerful are brought low and the foundations of the state are shaken."

Britain loses far more when the judiciary is cowed by the government, than it loses in not receiving spies whispers or the tortured screams of victims from corrupt foreign governments or their British lackeys. The secrets being hidden probably relate to the guilt of our rulers.

Trixy said...

They're not PoWs so not sure such laws apply.

Fact still remains that Uk is a hub for terrorist cells but Cunt Brown is so keen to rim Obama that he'll help him empty G Bay with no consideration of what these people may have done.

And of course fake charities such as 'Liberty' who refuse to speak out against such travesties of justice as the European Arrest Warrant happily campaign for these people not to be sent back to their country of origin. So Johnny tax payer gets lumbered with someone. And paying that silly bitch's wages while she does whatever with that hypocritical MP.

woman on a raft said...

I don't much care for some of the positions Liberty takes, but it's not clear that it counts as a fake charity. A stupid one very often, but not necessarily fake in the sense of it being a front for government PR manipulation and what amounts to a tax-recycling organization.

The Civil Liberties Trust (the charity wing, no. 1024948) lists the income in its 2007 accounts. Without checking each name to see if donors count as fake charities in themselves, the donations appear to be more from smug-thinking organizations such as the Joseph Rowntree Trust - that is, they are probably spending/wasting/doing damage with their own money, not ours. Liberty is also very good at getting individual donations and legacies.

Civil Liberties Trust accounts 2007

Having said that, I tried tracing a line in the accounts through the Network for Social Change, who donate to Liberty. NSC themselves receive money from many sources, including Transport 2000 Trust, which may well be quangoid. Mind you yet again, T2000T was wound up in 2005 and it looks as if the activity was transferred to the Better Transport Campaign in a rebranding exercise called (I haven't verified that against trustee names and the registered address - it's an assumption), and while they have a list of donors which look kosher, it's still very difficult to see if these themselves recieve government funding. have been campaigning against Heathrow expansion, which either makes them a) an independent-minded transport consultancy, b)ingrates, or, c) if you've got your tinfoil hat handy, the stooges which make it look as if there is independent protest but really it's all black ops by the arrrgh...

Keynesian techniques appear to apply; the government pours in some money at the top and it gyrates through several charities, each of whom use it to lobby for more money from where that came from and generally annoy and confine the public while furiously protesting they have nothing but our best interests at heart.

It's like unpicking embroidery trying to trace the names and flows of money.