Sunday, 1 February 2009

Who is next, Pudsey?

Via the Kitchen, I see that Comic Relief is chucking money at Fake Charities:

In 2004, Comic Relief funded Alcohol Concern and London Drug and Alcohol Network to produce an online toolkit that would help local alcohol leads develop and implement cross cutting local alcohol strategies.

This means that people giving money to Comic Relief are actually then handing the money over to an organisation that helps promote whatever fatuity the state is promoting this week.

And I'm sure that a bit of investigation will find more and more of this egregious theft out of the limited resources of the well-meaning.

Charity begins at home: look after your own, look after your family, look after your neighbours, look after your town. Most "charities" are now nothing more than government co-opted pecksniffs who want to tell you have to live every aspect of your life.


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