Friday, 20 February 2009

Why is it a shock?


The BNP made a shock gain in the latest council by-elections, taking a Labour seat at Sevenoaks District, Kent.

Its candidate Paul Golding won at Swanley St Mary's with a 76-vote majority.

Shock! Horror! Democratically constituted party beats another party in an election. Anyway, I really don't know why anyone is surprised, because:

The ward is a traditional Labour enclave in the Tory controlled district.

Old Labour and the BNP, two sides of the same coin. Plus, I reckon people are up to here with the EU as well.

Why is it a shock?


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's not a shock at all, but depressing nonetheless.

Carpsio said...

Uhuh. I was reading the BNP manifesto last time round and it could have been any Labour one from the last 20 years. How far to the 'right' do you have to go to end up back on the left? Not very fucking far, let me tell you... Funny that.

Oldrightie said...

Pass by my place, Obbie, for a shock!

Anonymous said...

it might dismay you to learn that the only protest vote I get in Chiswick is BNP.

It is pointless to do anything else to register your disgust at the grimy, immigrant-filled estates to the West of us, who'll overwhelm any vote or the Tories, the UKIP, you name it.

At least by voting BNP, you have a voice, however small, of saying that we've had enough.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui Smith has just announced that this result must be because of bad cannabis being smoked throughout the entire borough, as well as being the most dangerous substance on earth after Telly Tubby piss, cannabis makes you racist now....She also reckons the Pope must have been smoking some bad cannabis as he's stood Gordon Brown up, probably due to Gordon's own home grown weed not being of the stronger skunk variety which the Poper Smoker is suggested to grow in the halls of the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should all go back to voting Labour then, their sure to sort it all out.

Guthrum said...

Both Fascist Left- just one is more so

JuliaM said...

I don't think there's much doubt that this is, as anon says, a protest vote.

What's even more depressing is that the main parties are clueless about what to do about it...

Call me Infidel said...

National socialist defeats national socialist. Well no surprises there. Labour are hoist by their own petard. They wanted to increase their vote so allowed relaxation in immigrant quotas and assisted by slot gob and the snake oil salesman they brought in laws which gave the shyters a golden opportunity to wreck the immigration rules. Now the average putz on the street can see council houses with East European, Sri Lankan, Somali et al ex asylum seekers reaping the benefits and they have had enough. It's hardly a shock. What they do about it though will be interesting.

JPT said...

It's not a shock but they have to say that it is.


oh fucking yes!
i cannot wait to hang lefty from a lamp post!
and see magda brown and kids at the back of the bunker?
goebbels=club foot
brown=one eye
all just a little bit of history repeating

Chalcedon said...

It's no shock at all.

How I laughed.

The bastards in government still aren't listening are they? What do they expect? These boys actually believe in British jobs for British workers.

Foxy Brown said...

To go forwards we must go backwards.

Anonymous said...

"National socialist defeats national socialist. Well no surprises there."

Nope. The BNP are nationalist socialists, NuLabour are internationalist socialists.

That's the biggest real difference between them; as mentioned above, if you were to go back in time a couple of decades with a BNP manifesto, you could easily convince people it was Labour's.

Which is why NuLabour faces a serious loss of OldLabour voters to the BNP and keep trying to claim that the BNP are 'far right' to hide the fact that they're really far left.

Darwen Reporter Linda Preston said...

BNP has gained a bit of a toe hold in parts of Lancashire where there is high unemployment and high immigration. Their politics have a certain seduction to the disenchanted who wander around with a dribbling Pitbull on a chain.