Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Curious Juxtaposition

First, we have this:

Ted Kennedy, one of the leading members of the family dynasty that dominated American politics in the final decades of the last century, is to receive an honorary knighthood.

Gordon Brown will announce the award today when he becomes the fifth British Prime Minister to give a speech to both Houses of Congress.

Senator Kennedy, who has represented Massachusetts for nearly 50 years, will get the distinction from the Queen for his services to the US-UK relationship and to the Northern Ireland peace process.

I am not making this up, remember:

The government and security services believe dissident republicans pose a greater threat than ever.

The threat assessment has been raised to "severe", meaning an attack is regarded as highly likely.

The decision to upgrade the level was made by MI5 - responsible for gathering intelligence on dissident republicans.


Martin said...

Nothing more than a pathetic media stunt after Gordon realised his audience in the states were all congress staff, and that no one in the US knows or cares who he even is.

Mark Wadsworth said...

But Ted Kennedy is a Democrat, not a Republican?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Boom! Boom!


The Economic Voice said...

Last warning we were given consisted of a 40 minute threat as I remember.
Then what happened?

Paul said...

If a British politician endorsed a terrorist group that wanted to secede from the US would they turn round a few years later and give him an honour?

It makes me sick.

Gorgon. Brownshirt. Is. A. Cunt.

Dennis said...

He typifies everything that is loathsome in human beings. Even to think about him soils the mind.

John Pickworth said...

What I'd like to know is how much this foreign adventure has cost us?

As the PM flew directly into Andrews AFB I take it he chartered an aircraft rather than take a scheduled flight? And just why did Da' Pres agree to making Brown the opening act; what have our Government promised in return? The Falklands? East Anglia? Our remaining gold reserves at discounted prices?

Some great photos here of the grinning idiot which started in America and will probably last right up till the next election (or assassination).

Anonymous said...

"The decision to upgrade the level was made by MI5 - responsible for gathering intelligence on dissident republicans."

Is MI5 subcontracted to the Obama administration for similar work in America?

Hugh said...

Though given the weekend, I guess they were quite right.