Sunday, 29 March 2009

Even the Indy admits it

Click here.

Click on "Is human activity changing the earth's climate?"

Click on "Case for significant anthropogenic climate change is clear."

See that red box? The one that says "Zero empirical evidence of anthropogenic cause"? If you click on that, they say that there really is no empirical evidence of man causing global warming. But it doesn't matter, we need to do something about it anyway.

Christ, I thought my ex-wife pulled her arguments out of her arse ...


AntiCitizenOne said...

Bill Quango MP said...

You are a terrible clown to doubt the new religion.
Ye, shall a solar panel slip from your roof and damage your algae sustainable food pond, and so unto all unbelievers.

Actually the way to diffuse some of this shrillness might be to start a campaign against electrical goods. 'They use energy..pollute the atmosphere.. we can do without etc..'
Let the ladies think its all about Xbox, Plasma TVs, electric drills etc and then, once that bandwagon is rolling along nicely, move to phase II.

'Undeniable evidence' has confirmed that climate change is almost completely attributable to hair straighteners, washing machines, hair-dryers, curling tongs, heated towel rails, cosmetics manufacture,dishwashers, Facebook users being on line all the time, texting, Magi-Mixers, Coffee making machines and mobile phone chargers.

I predict we won't hear so much about it after that.

subrosa said...

Oh Bill isn't that rather sexist? I know men who use cosmetics and hairdryers etc.

I do get your drift though.

Obn, I used to have a husband like your ex. He could have been employed as top spin doctor to Brown and made a fortune.

Bill Quango MP said...

It was overtly sexist. Apologies to you good self.

I had Mrs Quango in mind. A kind lady who ensures that no tin enters the plastic recycler, sensibly has a carrier bag in her coat, unlike her husband, who has a Bentley boot full of bags for life.
A lady who diligently ensures that paper is recycled and who would bite the eyes from the face of anyone foolish to try to take her hair-dryer.

Hugh said...

All greenie stories now include 'buy more fish' adverts. And they are all party approved suppliers.