Monday, 9 March 2009

Feeling suicidal?

I know I do when I read shit like this:

Britain will contribute to a new World Bank fund for the poorest countries, Gordon Brown is expected to confirm on Monday.

The fund calls on the richest nations to finance it with 0.7% of the money they have used to bail out the banks.

Look you fucking monocular mentalist: we're tired of you pissing OUR, yes, that's right, OUR fucking money out against the wall of saving the world. Why don't you cash out your fucking pension and set fire to it, then boil the ocean with it instead?


Tip of the clown wig to the Coffee House.


Ross said...

I think Broon is being quite clever here, because in a few years Britain will be a poor country and entitiled to claim from the fund.

Oldrightie said...

He's not spending anymore, just printing.

Angry Exile said...

Any lawyer types know if it's possible to sue his dad's jizz for producing the monocular idiot in the first place?

Anonymous said...

as the quantitive easing wasn't put before the commons for debate, the tax payers legaly cannot be made to pay it back :)

as for the "new" world bank, looks like the politicians are getting into banking, just watch to see how many of them or their "associates" become appointed to the board.
finincial and political slavery, shit i got into the wrong line of work.

basementcat said...

Given the obscene amount of taxpayer's cash he's shelling out on the 'recovery' plan, Comrade Brown is committing us to a frightening amount of money.

Less international grandstanding, more resignation please. Having seen his outburst when prompted to apologise, I think it's ever clearer that he just doesn't get it. He honestly *believes* he's right.

Hugh said...

The fucking Queen should have intervened by now, I was a monarchist on the ideal that it existed to prevent our government from having supremacy. The monarchy has sold us out, no government should have the ability to wreck the next 20 years.

It is time to rise up.