Friday, 20 March 2009

The Gruandia: grabbing the wrong end of the shitty stick ...

... and beating itself about the head with it since 1821:

Further detailed allegations about tax avoidance schemes set up by Barclays Bank emerged tonight from whistleblowers who said the bank made close to £1bn profit a year from a series of elaborate deals.

The schemes are similar to those detailed in documents published by the Guardian this week which have been the centre of a three-day hearing at the high court, and are the subject of a gagging order.

The internal Barclays memos were leaked by a mole to the Liberal Democrats. The new allegations reiterate claims that the bank's main purpose in entering into these schemes was to make profit from tax avoidance through an intricate circuit of offshore Cayman Islands and Luxembourg companies. The profits are said to be enormous and the deals so complex that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) struggles to unravel them.

Barclays has vigorously denied the claims and earlier this week won an emergency injunction forcing the Guardian to remove internal bank documents from its website. Earlier today a judge confirmed the ban, saying the documents contained confidential commercial information and legal advice. The Guardian is also banned from giving information about other publicly accessible sources of copies of the documents.

Jesus fucking wept.

Listen, you fucking cunts: tax avoidance, no matter how fucking circuitous, is PERFECTLY FUCKING LEGAL!

These fucking schemes are all started because of loopholes in the tax law which the government leaves in to keep tax lawyers and accountants in business. If the government simplified the tax code, all these schemes would become null and void.

And the fucking Guardian is the LAST fucking newspaper that should have the gall to fucking berate anyone else for using tax avoidance schemes, because the the Guardian doesn't fucking pay any tax because it uses ... fucking legal tax avoidance schemes!



aproposofwhat said...

You can still find all the documents on that Wikiwhatever site, so Barclays aren't likely to come out of this one smelling too sweetly.

I agree with you though - the Grauniad are a bunch of hypocritical Neues Arbeit loving hoons.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we could pressure Tesco's into publicising the Gruaniads hypocrisy after the twats went after Tescos? Massive posters up in every Tescos;

"Guardian Tax Avoidance Hypocrites"

"Gruaniad avoids more tax than Tescos"

Perhaps printed on each and every receipt?

I really don't think they should be allowed to get away with this.

Vince Cable said pretty much the same thing on QT last night and I nearly smashed the TV. That smug Cunt had better not ever come to Tunbridge Wells...