Monday, 2 March 2009

How extraordinary!

So, after being told how many times that the UK did not assist with rendition, we have this:

The British Government admitted for the first time yesterday that it had been involved in "extraordinary rendition". The Defence Secretary John Hutton disclosed that terror suspects handed over to the US in Iraq were flown out of the country for interrogation.

Contradicting previous insistences by the Government that it had no played no part in the controversial practice, John Hutton revealed that details of the cases were known by officials and detailed in documents sent to two cabinet members at the time – Home Secretary Charles Clarke and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

More lies and mendacity from the cunts in New Labour, lying through their teeth until they could lie no more. I reckon there might be comments about rendition in those cabinet meeting minutes that Jack Straw blocked. I think a lot of Labour MPs are quietly shitting themselves about this.

But do you really want to go after Jack "The Hat" Straw, Mr Hutton? He knows were all the bodies are.

After all, he buried most of them.



Damn' good observation. Can't believe Clutching at Straws had the unmitigated gall to publish that piece of shite about civil liberties in the Guardian just as all this was going down - the 700+ comments telling him to go to hell, however, proves that Nemesis is still doing her job

The Penguin said...

Some one should definitely hold Slippery Jack to account.

Then, when he has just his gold-plated pension to fall back on, someone should take him for a walk in the woods, save the poor over-burdened taxpayer a few quid.

The Penguin

Screech said...

Too right they are shitting themselves, but the trouble is, as ever, it's all over us. And never mind a walk in the woods, why doesn't harperson get on the case and use an act of parliament to block HIS pension.