Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In reply to the Penguin

Even the apparently scrupulous Mr Hollobone manages to get within a gnat's whisker of the maximum second home allowance. But if he can get by with no staff and modest other expenses, why can no other MP manage this?

In fact, while there may actually be the odd MP who needs some help, since most of them don't do anything useful with our communications, we're fucking wasting our money on paying for their staff anyway.

So, Mr Hollobone gets me narked for maximising his second home payments, but all the other MPs who use staff really do have some explaining to do. It looks to me very much like they are being lazy cunts, so at least while Phil is feathering his nest at my expense, he's working for his salary. All the other MPs are feathering their own nests and/or are fucking lazy cunts.

That 80 or 90 grand you're paying for staffing costs is paying twice for shit the MP should actually be doing.



microdave said...

My thoughts exactly. It amounts to 4 or 5 well paid secretarial staff. FOR EACH MP??? When I paid a visit to my MP's "surgery" (at the local Sainsburys) he had a young lad with him. I nearly dropped a bollock by assuming him to be his son, when he was actually a paid researcher...

Many small businesses have to get by with the help of family members - often unpaid at that.

Anonymous said...

Phil according to "they work for you website" replies to a high amount of letters.

Shows how the rest of them are like hornets round the honey pot.
greedy cunts.

The Penguin said...


I fully agree that they should all be held to account and all of their troughing thoroughly scrutinised.

Mr. H can probably justify a second home allowance, as the train service to Kettering is not like the London Underground to Leyton or Brentford. As he lives in Kettering, the 2nd home is going to have to be London, which is expensive.

I have no issue with that, unlike the Keens or the Wintertons or the Balls.

The Penguin