Saturday, 14 March 2009

Medical therapy

I’m sorry to lapse into such relatively uncharacteristic bad language, but Balls is an ignorant, arrogant, fuck-wit tosser. What a total prick. This is the blame culture. This is how Stalin did it. If people need "retraining" clearly they got it wrong and must be sent off to the Gulag. What the fuck is the National College for School Leadership going to do to protect children at risk? Come to think about it, what the fuck is the National College for School Leadership? Does Balls really think that social services chiefs need to go on a course to be “more aware of the pressures their staff are under”? What a complete arsehole this man is.

Nurse! The screens, please!


microdave said...

"Come to think about it, what the fuck is the National College for School Leadership?"

It has a very Common Purpose ring to it, doesn't it?

microdave said...

A quick search and it seems I was right:

"Inspiring Leaders"
"Leadership Network Events"
"Coaching For Leaders"
Sounds familiar...

Some well paid jobs on offer:

Mitch said...

If ed balls is the answer then the question was very very wrong.

Oleuanna said...

It is a school made from no consultation from the front line staff, a wishy washy service statement gone to a make shift committee....and once again, a quick fucking fix, to please an all to knowing public.

The glass ceiling is alive and well and still not listening to what actually needs to be done.... the social services needs an overhaul....they don't need schooling.....they need to get the people in who believe in the job their doing....!

We need to shoot Jeremy other reason other than he needs to be shot..