Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Parenting Tips -- an occasional series: Part 6


SaltedSlug said...

Have you seen this Obo?

Imagine the specialist dating agencies: Match-a-Mong? Love-a-'loid?

I can almost hear the slobbering.
That's some Clive Barker shit right there, yo.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Where do you get this stuff from, or do you draw it yourself?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@salty: there are people who'd pay for those dates, you know. ;o)

@Mark: you're having a giraffe -- I couldn't draw a stick man!

Anonymous said...

Is the next visual a la aeroplane saftey cards going to illustrate 'the correct way of sniffing the bairn's latest episode as apposed to the wrong way'?

Mummy x said...

Mummy is a bad Mummy. Mummys' Squids think the parenting tips are a hoot. Should Mummy
a) stop following the parenting tips?
b) stop letting her Squids look at some of Obo's posts.


Fav post of the Squids - Diaper checking - much hooting in the house of Squid.

(not very good) Mummy x