Monday, 30 March 2009

Spot on, again!


"Okay, so his English is not very good and his national insurance contributions might not be up to date, but at least he can flush my u-bend and tighten my leaky flange."

Update: Arse:

The row has given further ammunition to the opposition leadership who have been quick to use it as an example of just how out of touch Labour have become.

“Just about any 14 year old boy could show you dozens of places to get free porn,” said one Conservative Party insider.

“And yet this man, married to one of our most powerful politicians, pays real cash money for it?”

“It’s frankly shocking. It shows just how out of touch New Labour really has become.”


Edwin Greenwood said...

"... and tighten my leaky flange."

Coo! There are - apparently, or so a bloke in the boozer told me - places just off the Shaftesbury Avenue where punters are prepared to pay very serious money indeed for a good flange-tightening session. The ability to control and sustain the leakage rate satisfactorily is what separates the men from the boys, or so I am given to understand.

Chalcedon said...

LMAO!!! The opposition said that! But Mr Jackboots can get some other poor bastards, namely us, to buy the top quality McCoy, probably in HD too, so of course he will, won't he?

Now the merde has hit the spinning thing the cops are called in on a mole hunt. If this whistleblower hadn't have blown, I expect these expenses would have been paid. I wonder how many bondage sessions and lap dancing club fees have gone through on the nod too? Who else has their subscription paid for? Didn't Mr. Jackboots speak out about regulation of the sex industry as in tightning it's flange?

Anonymous said...

Real cash money?

I think not. Real cash other peoples' money: quite a different matter.

To a politician, it's well worth expending that sort of cash, for a small gain in personal convenience.