Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Welsh

Fucking Morlock CUNTS!!

Why can't these fucking cocksuckers drive?


Bristol Dave said...

It's terrible isn't it - but part of the problem is Welsh Road design. Lane 1 of the M4 once you've crossed into Wales may as well not exist, as it seems to be used as "extra-long" sliproads for junctions - maybe they need a lot of warning one's coming up.

Consequently most of them sit in the middle lane because they're used to being forced to go there at every junction.

Fuck knows why it's been designed like that.

Anonymous said...

It's because they are way back in the DNA stakes.

Fidothedog said...

Was it someone from Swansea, a place that makes Tubs & Edward look like superbeings?.

Anonymous said...

Just mow them down.

Old Bag said...

you mean the wheel has actually reached wales?

The Penguin said...

So why do we run up the mountain to get a sheep, Taffy?

You wouldn't want to get an ugly one, now would you boyo?

The Penguin

killemallletgodsortemout said...

If you're in Wales and see that prize cunt Aled Jones, please run him over for me.

Thank you.

Gendeau said...

Working in France at the moment, the concept of roundabouts, and how to navigate them safely, seems to be beyonf les yokels.

The number of times some cunt has tried to sideswipe me is un-fucking-believable.

The number of cars with bashed sides is amazing.

Anonymous said...

if they watch londoncentric TV you cant blame em for not leaving the village when looking for companionship.

Londons for example full of delirious lefty liberals and obnoxious right wingers with primative cave men thugs wandering the streets.

And Boris seen as a martyr as Mayor.

Better living off benefits in the valleys. Atleast you can drive in Wales.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

if they watch londoncentric TV you cant blame em for not leaving the village when looking for companionship.

Do they keep sheep in the villages now?

Anonymous said...

who said anything about sheep?

fuck there olympics too.

Ive seen what too much london can do to norm folk brainwash central.

Sperm Lewis said...

If all else fails,
Try Wales.

(Back soon)

David Gillies said...

Honestly, Obo, the Welsh are best ignored and left to their own hideous devices. I myself try to have as little interaction as possible with those curious, coal-begrimed homunculi.

CAPTCHA word was nuyywom, which looks like the sort of unpronounceable gibberish you see on a road sign in Wales.