Saturday, 28 March 2009

Why Bristol?

"Because I think I've overloaded the Traffic Warden numbers and we need something to make you look like a loser."

The Bastard in fine form!


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Huh? All above my's another joke.

Have you heard two Irishmen had a nightmare day visiting the sperm bank in London. Paddy missed the tube and Murphy came on the bus.

Mummy x said...

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn I just heard the nice lady on Sky News say that Gordon/The Tax Payer is gonna cough up another 60(insert illion here)to save another bank. And I wonder why he was hoping for riots today.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@sixty -- fantastic, consider that nicked! ;o)