Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wot Blaney says

Stick two fingers up at the hectoring cunts:

I invite as many of you around the world as possible to join me in standing up to collectivist bullying by leftists and liberals who are too scared to campaign openly for the socialist paradise they really want and who use "climate change" as the scare story to cajole a gullible and desensitized public into backing their warped worldview.

Join me tonight in turning ALL of your lights ON for an hour. Light up your home as a beacon of liberty standing up to the tyranny of environmental zealots.


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Three Irishmen, Shamus, Patrick and Sean met each week for a drink in their local pub.

A couple of weeks ago all three bought a ticket in the pub's raffle and they each one a prize.

Patrick won a bottle of Irish Whiskey, Sean won an organic, oven-ready turkey. Shamus won a toilet brush.

This week they met up as usual and after the normal boisterous greetings they were talking about the prizes they had won.

Patrick thought the whiskey was the best he'd ever drunk. He'd made a note of the label so that he could buy himself another bottle. Sean said that the turkey was so big his wife had invited all the family to Sunday lunch and everyone had said it was the best turkey they'd ever tasted. They still had enough left to last the whole week.

Shamus was very quiet but, when pressed, said that he was sure it was a very fine toilet brush but ..... He was going back to using toilet paper.

Barnsley Bill said...

Our appointed hour was 8.30 p.m. (2 and a quarter hours ago). My eyes are still stinging from the brightness of every single light source in my house being switched on simultaneously. I also played Rage against the machine at full tit from the bose. Fuck em, fuck em all.
And when you mugs get forced to switch to those highly poisonous and dangerous "eco" bulbs remember they will explode if you try and dim them..

Angry Exile said...

Since Earth Hour was dreamed up by WWF and, somewhat suspiciously, Fairfax Media Group I've always felt that the whole charade was just a way to shift a few more copies of The Sydney Moaning Herald and The rAge and get some extra money selling advertising space to greenwash. I'm not falling into the trap of buying some green bullshit, but I'm not going to waste the money I save on already overpriced electricity and fuel. I'm treating it as a normal Saturday night, Aussie Rules on the TV and as many lights as I need. But only that many. It's still nearly half the lights in the house.

Angry Exile said...

Oh, and I've just looked out the window and seen that we're nearly 25 minutes into Meaningless Bullshit Hour and half the lights in the street are on. And our left run councils and government have left the fucking streetlights of course - they'd get blamed for any crash otherwise. Mwahahahaha.

SteveShark said...
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SteveShark said...

What really fucks me of is the assumption that by leaving my lights on that I'm pro-global warming.
For what it's worth I'm a climate change sceptic so that's why I'll be leaving them on.
I'm fucked if these bastards are going to make me play their poxy fucking games.
FUCKING bastards!

SteveShark said...

Nice article here:

Chalcedon said...

I do have my lights on at night but I will ensure a couple of bedroomare illuminated when unoccupied tonight. I will leave the TV on standby too. It's the noo religion, innit? And you know what they say about converts being fanatical!

Kevin Boatang said...

Ammunition to the Left to accuse those of us that see the Lefty bullshitting tossers for that what they are.

Three Irishman are gotten hold of by Boatang: Geldof, Bono and Der Edge. Having no gun he resorts to death by flame.

Job done.

Oh God, I'm talking in the third person again.

Old Bag said...

another load of arse gravy..i'll turn off my lights when gordoom stops poncing around the world in his gas guzzling plane!

Michael said...

Best part is they want people to upload their photos/video to a website. Do they sell wind-up computers and internet access nowadays?

Fucking idiots...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Here's my effort.

I didn't leave the car engine running as that wouldn't have showed up on the picture.

David Gillies said...

You know what makes me want to kick a fucking green loon in the balls so hard and so repeatedly that he greats death as a welcome release? The bastard phone company sent me a text reminding me about Green Wank Hour. It made my phone go ping and woke me up. At six fucking forty five in the morning. On a fucking Saturday. If the cunt whose idea that was gets pancreatic cancer and dies I will make it a special project to track him down and piss on his fucking grave.

I've had every light on in my joint for hours. The dehumidifier is duking it out with the fan. My oven braised my sausage casserole for three hours. Both my fridges did sterling service keeping stuff cool. Now it's time to wash my laundry one piece at a time with the load setting at 'super'.

God I hate these cunts.

Prodicus said...

I did. Most enjoyable.