Tuesday, 14 April 2009

As if by magic

I have just posted on how we should not allow Sleazegate to die and suddenly another name has come into the frame, ironically via the Telegraph (which had allowed itself to be used to spin for McBride before the shitstorm really kicked in). Anyway:

On a day to day basis, the war room is run by Liam Byrne, the Cabinet Office Minister. He is assisted by Mr Watson, another long-time advisor and attack dog.
And that struck a chord with something in my last post:

Liam Byrne has been carefully defining the question for us today: who knew about the emails?
That's a very good question, Liam. Did you know? Mr Watson was CC'ed in on the emails, yet denies any knowledge of the plan to smear. That seems hard to swallow, no matter how many emails he gets in a day. And if he read them, did he discuss them with you?

Is Captain Capuccino the next head to roll?

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Fidothedog said...

Shit sticks to every hand that shakes it.

Just follow the smell.