Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The best computer UI

Article here, but the lead-in picture left me wondering why they bothered with the rest:


Roger Thornhill said...

Vt100 132chars per line mode. Amber.

That is how I have my OSX terminal - amber on black, with 20% transparency.

Still, I thought the X CDE was great when on a massive Trinitron screen (for the day, 1992) 1280x1024 21".

I could get 4x 132x24 windows - good for debugging - with no overlap.

I do lust after 2x 30" Apple displays, though.

nbc said...

As my old boss used to say, GUIs come and go, but the CLI is forever.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Huh? Don't understood a word...

Here's another joke instead!

Bloke desperate for a drink, finally winds up drinking varnish. He came to a terrible end (but a beautiful finish).


Edwin Greenwood said...


Philistine! May you be forever condemned to a voice-activated interface that ignores your commands, while taking the piss out of your accent.