Thursday, 9 April 2009

I have no idea what his politics are ...

... but I do like the sound of this:

If elected, within 24 hours I will draw up a contract with my constituents to ensure that they all get the best service possible from their MEP. I will ensure that any problems are dealt with as much speed and vigour I can muster to ensure the effectiveness of my office. Constituents problems or queries will be dealt with as effectively as possible.

Articles in the contract will include:

* I will remain fiercely independent.
* I will acknowledge all letters from constituents within 24 hours between Monday and Friday.
* I will acknowledge all emails from constituents within 24 hours between Monday and Friday but hopefully sooner.
* I will regular advice sessions around the country and if possible, will arrage home visits for the elderly, disabled and carers.
* I will keep my website updated every day.
* My calendar will be published on my website and kept up to date daily Monday to Friday
* I will not claim one penny in expenses that is not absolutely required for me to carry out my job as an MEP. I will publish my expenses monthly or possibly weekly on my website.
* I will not use any taxpayer funded equipment or office for any other reason that to carry out my duties of MEP.
* I will be a whistleblower for any other MEP who I feel is ripping the taxpayer off. In this, I will not be anonymous and I will use the press.
* I will work with any organisation in Scotland, the UK or Europe if it will help the people of Scotland.

a) He will never get elected.
b) If he does, it won't last.

Good idea, though!


John Wallace said...

You're right Obo. I probably won't be elected.

If I am it will last. I will resign if I don't keep up my end of the contract - trying to make the thing legal.

More info here

If you really want to:

All calls cost 25p plus standard network charges.

Wasn't Just A. Punter good?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Good luck with that, then! ;o)

Chalcedon said...

He would need a couple of blue arsed fly staff to make sure all this got done as well as his stint in the EP.

John Wallace said...

Not really Chalcedon.

Technology is a great help. Some cleverly crafted scripts would keep the the calendar, website and expenses updated. I already answer a lot more than a hundred emails daily which would be handed to someone else if I am elected.

I admit that I have no idea how many constituents letters by snailmail arrive, but as I say on my site, should I change any of the contract, I shall put that change prominently on the front page of my website and notify all local newspapers as well as giving a reason which won't be "it's within the roolz".

Time management is critical whilst running your own business. If I am running my MEP business then time management should should be just as critical if not more so.

I will do my best, and some. I would also expect the same from my properly recruited staff.

Earthlet Nigel said...

I wish you well in your venture John.

microdave said...

The very best of luck Mr Wallace, but I can't help thinking you will find your time there rather lonely. Does the term "Sent to Coventry" sound familiar?

John Wallace said...

@Earthlet Nigel and microdave.

For microdave: I don't mind people not liking me if what I am doing is correct. I in fact thrive upon it.

If I knew they are doing it for that reason then the papers at home will just love that stuff and I am more than prepared to use them.

If you can spare 25p Text for me.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Best of luck then. I may spare 25p!