Saturday, 4 April 2009

I wonder if IBM is going to stop laying people off now?

This looks like a bit of a PR nightmare:

Armed with two handguns, the killer entered the centre in the town of Binghamton 150 miles north of New York city at about 10.30 am local time and opened fire the moment he stepped through the doors.

The gunman then quickly moved into a classroom where students were preparing for exams in US citizenship and sprayed the room with bullets, killing all of his other victims, according to Joseph Zikuski, the Binghamton police chief.

Officials were unable to pinpoint a motive for the killings, but local news reports revealed that Voong had recently been laid off from his job with IBM.

So, an immigrant gets laid off and wreaks his revenge by killing a bunch of newer immigrants. What a fucking nutter.


Anonymous said...

According to LA times and Washington Post an IBM employee said Jiverly Wong did not work at IBM.

But this is a quote from The lone gunman's Former job snatched from LA times:

"we didn't really think this person could do such a thing. He was really good at doing his job -- we respected him for that. He's never late, he's always punctual. And when he finishes his job, he goes home. He doesn't complain, he doesn't argue with people. He gets along."

SteveShark said...

The Pakistani Taleban are now claiming this one apparently...

Anonymous said...

Would you be happier if he were Red Eagle of the Iroquois?