Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Informix Roundup: 22 Apr 2009

Non-techies may want to look away now.

UK IDS bootcamp. Places still available.

More developments in the Amazon cloud.

Job in Minneapolis. Pooves only, by the look of it!

Job in Chennai.

Informix video from Germany. Sadly entirely donkey porn free.

New issue of the IBM Database magazine.

IIUG Conference guide. Looks good, pity my bastard employer is working me to death instead of shipping me overto Kansas. :o(

Job in Tampa. Go Timmy!

Job in Sacramento.

Eric is twatting.

Job in Bangalore.

Informix and Gaia.

Fernando returns null.

Job in Newark.

Eric on interoperability.

Fernando gets real. Or is it authentic?

Eric stirs.

Jacques is green.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Isn't Ian Duncan Smith a bit too quiet to run a bootcamp?

Edwin Greenwood said...

Job in Minneapolis. Pooves only, by the look of it!"I wonder if there's a National Association of Gay Informix Professionals. Perhaps there is Mid-Western Chapter that the successful appointee could join ... or possibly establish.