Sunday, 26 April 2009

It's quite sad, really

Iain Dale is working himself into a frenzy about Camera-on's speech:

This afternoon David Cameron is making what I think might be one of the most important speech of his leadership so far. it's a landmark speech in that it sends out a very clear signal about the direction a future Conservative government will take.

And what is in this speech? Well, a couple of good jokes about distraction burglary and flint-faced accountants, but nothing of any substance. Lots of vague platitudes about doing "more with less" and "tough times".

Jesus, we really are fucked. Cameron hasn't got the balls to do what needs to be done, he's too Blairlite. We don't need Blair, we need a Thatcher or a fucking Churchill.


Quiet_Man said...

We need a fucking miracle!

Plato said...

I think you are asking way too much from a troop mustering speech/media dog-whistle Mr Obnoxio.

If he comes out and says what he'll do Our Glorious Leader will simply steal his clothes.


And again.

I'm happy for him to stick his toe in the fighting-talk arena at this stage - there are plenty of battles to go before we win the war and take no ZNL prisoners.

subrosa said...

My sentiments exactly. Cameron is a clone of Blair and he doesn't have what it takes. Who else is there? Surely not Clegg, surely not Obo.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Bit underwhelming really not so
much we will fight them on
the beaches more.
we will collect the deck chair payments on the beach.

.......Not inspiring at all .

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

He needs some fire in his belly. Get angry man, thump your fists on the podium. He comes across as a bit of a drip.

Mark Wadsworth said...

@ Subrosa, I agree that Clegg is as bad as the rest, but why rule out Obo in the same sentence?

The Penguin said...

I'm hoping that Cameron has more backbone than you are giving him credit for, Obo. The Ivan situation should give you a clue or two. As Plato says, keeping his powder dry until it is too late for "The Titan Arum" to steal his policies is only sensible.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Plato on this. The Tories have become a tad reticent to put forward concrete policy proposals since Gordon has a penchant for requisitioning them.

Mitch said...

I think the man will come good.

John Pickworth said...

"The Tories have become a tad reticent to put forward concrete policy proposals since Gordon has a penchant for requisitioning them."
Today, a TV reporter railed upon George Osborne and asked him repeatedly to name where he'd make future cuts in spending... at which point I was hoping he'd reply "Everywhere! Everything and anything. The Government should look at every single penny and ask if its really necessary for the State to be spending it."

Let Brown steal that policy!

Seriously though, the Conservatives should be delivering it straight, I think the public would appreciate the honesty for a change.

ConstantlyFurious said...

Nah, calm down dear.

I say again, if I felt as fucking ill as this poor country currently is, I'd want a competent doctor quietly telling me he'd be making me well as soon as possible, not Begbie out of Trainspotting picking a fight with all and sundry..

Stan said...

Why would Brown steal Cameron's policies - unless they share a political ideology? In which case both parties are basically offering the same things to the electorate.

We're becoming a one party state by default - doesn't anyone else find that prospect even vaguely troubling?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Stan: "becoming"? The words you are looking for is "have become".

Steve Tierney said...

I think you're wrong about this one, Obnoxio. The speech worked for me anyway. Osborne and Cameron both said enough for me to feel the Conservatives are on the right track, without giving Labour any gifts to beat them with. Dan Hannan is the pitbull. And rightly so.

Ted Bundy said...

Cameron's Conservatives still lack credibility. Until this economic hurricane erupted they were continually and very publicly shouting from the roof tops that they would match Labours spending pound for pound. Now with hindsight we can see the disastrous folly of this approach that both parties would (and Labour did) follow. Cameron looks like a political chancer and opportunist with no real conviction. Basically Tony Blair Mark-2. We desperately need a strong conviction politician like Margaret Thatcher to haul us out of this truly awful mess and unfortunately at the moment there simply isn’t one.

Stan said...

"Stan: "becoming"? The words you are looking for is "have become"."

Unfortunately, I think you're probably right.

As for the speech - it is important that people do not allow themselves to be blinded by rhetoric and oratory. The question as always is - where is the substance behind the rhetoric?

I see none.

Rush-is-Right said...

Those of us who remember 1979 will recall that Mrs T did not spell out the nature of her forthcoming program. Even the manifesto was not the call to arms that one might have expected.

The fact has to be acknowledged that anything Cameron says between now and the election is going to be twisted by Brown's spin machine and the twisted version will be the one you will hear on the BBC. No sensible man in this situation is going to offer a hostage to fortune.

So there is a limit to what he can say. Give him a chance say I.