Friday, 17 April 2009

A Kumbayah Moment

Left-wing Marxist and Right-wing Libertarian concur:

Nevertheless, this state of affairs underlines once again the ideological poverty underlying all of contemporary politics.

I think people are tired of the unedifying spectacle of slick operators knifing each other for a turn at the levers of power. People want to see a government that stands for something other than sophistry.

As much as I would hate to see a return to overt statism and the power of the Brothers, at least a Marxist government would have a direction -- even if it was straight over the nearest cliff. Or, even better, a Libertarian government which dismantled the government and let people live without fear of those who are suppose to serve them.

This rudderless centrist rearranging of the Titanic's deckchairs makes only one group of people happy: the trough-snuffling oligarchs and their coterie of running dogs.

If I may borrow a phrase!


Lancastrian Oik said...

Agree entirely. The disease isn't confined to westminster either, as local government has succumbed even down at parish council level. From my blog:

'POTHOLES will be left to ruin for a year in a bid to save money and kill motorists' speed.
The decision, taken by Navestock Parish Council, has been labelled as "crack pot" by some.
Although responsibility to fix roads falls to Essex County Council, members of the parish council have decided not to pass on details of road repairs needed for a whole year.

Potholes along the village's numerous small country lanes are a recurring problem say motorists and residents.

The controversial proposal has been given further weight in a parish council newsletter under the headline New Thinking Please, published by the parish council.

"I wonder in this new world whether we should stop complaining about the verges and potholes in our Navestock roads," the author writes.

"Potholes cost a lot to repair and that's our rates. Coupled with potholes there is an ongoing cry for speed limits.

"Well, potholes are the original traffic calming measure.

"So what with saving much time, rates and calming the traffic, potholes seem quite friendly."
The writer added: "Am I mad or should Her Majesty's Government change the law which obliges councils to repair potholes so that our country lanes can get pot-holey and thus slowing traffic to our ideal way of life, save hedgehogs, and rates and possibly keep people out?"

The answer to that one is "Yes, you are mad. You were elected to serve the people of Navestock and safeguard their best interests. You were elected on a tacit understanding, or maybe a forlorn hope, that you would do your best to spend public money wisely in the execution of your duties.

You were not elected to the position of Local Bossy Fuckwitted Gauleiter, to turn logic on its fucking head and to place the electorate in discomfort, incovenenience and physical danger in the name of some sort of half-witted Puritanical enviromentalist -inspired catechism. You are a fucking disgrace and should be removed from office forthwith."

This is what happens when fucking dickheads like this get seduced by the kind of half-arsed po-mo "logic" that envelops local government these days. By all means question everything, but if your conclusion means that you've rendered yourself otiose and inconvenienced the electorate then the chances are you've got it wrong, you fucking numpty.'

Who do these fuckers think they are? What do they think democracy, or allocation of political functions, are about?

MAS1916 said...

Politics is a 'bare knuckles' fight regardless of which side of the spectrum one falls.

The founding fathers, though, believed in restricting government powers to prevent the abuse of acquired power. At least the 'right-wing zealots' that showed up to protest taxation and spending policy stand for something. And they are willing to fight for it.

RobW said...