Thursday, 16 April 2009

The new head of the police state

He beat British Transport Police chief constable Ian Johnston and Cambridgeshire Police Chief Julie Spence in a ballot of senior officers across Britain.

Which is, I'm sure you'll agree, an interesting way of choosing the new chief executive of a commercial enterprise.

Sir Hugh said: "I believe that UK policing is strongest when it is professional, operationally independent, and based on trust and accountability.

"Above all, our decisions should be tested against the reason for which we all joined policing: the protection of the public."

Oh, look: a flying pig.

As it were.

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K. McEgan said...

Hugh "Cunt" Orde is well known in my old manor of Ulster.Cut his teeth in Brixton 81 (as I did but on the other side).Then stands next to Cunt MacGuinness telling us that "we are winning.Oh can we have bigger & better armoured cars?" Divis Hoods Liberation Army are being targetted by C.I.R.A who in tur face Sinn Fein disapprobrium. So S.F support the Hoods (criminasl)?With any luck CIRA will put a live round into Orde a la Carroll in Craigavon.I asked Alex Maskey about the policing agreement.We got fuck all out of it.Uncle Gerry Adams gets upgrades to D.C So that was worth 3000 dead.