Sunday, 12 April 2009

An open letter to Gaby Hinsliff

(What do you mean, you don't know who she is?)

You wrote:

But thirdly, this episode might just give pause for thought about the bitter venom with which political blogging is conducted. Guido published a picture on Thursday of McBride with the crosshairs of a gun superimposed on his head, and the legend "he who lives by the smear....", in the first hint that the story was breaking. It left many political journalists who saw it feeling uncomfortable. This may be serious, but does it really have to be a battle to the death?

Well, girlie, given how close the Graun is to the government, you are wise to be concerned. But even in a more general sense, political journalism is far too deeply embedded into the political class and not nearly as critical of politics as it should be. This is why ham-fisted oiks like me feel the need to say the things we do, because you, who are paid to do it, do not speak for us.

It is a fight to the death between people who take and the people from whom they take. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

And lazy, gullible, useless political journalists are in the firing line.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little thing she is.

The Grauniadista had wide-ons at the prospect of the coming (heh) revolution. Little did they know that the revolution is ours, not theirs - and that little shits with names like Polish sausages who've proudly been showing off their toenails as they embrace this sham of a government are now utterly irrelevant and superfluous.

So fuck you, you toadying, egregious, sycophantic cunt.

The political class you represent takes food from the mouths of my children and squanders it on plasma screens for the workshy filthy who form the core Labour vote.

I damn you and your progeny in perpetuity.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The MSM and the cunts in Downing Street have spent the last 12 years sucking each other off, and swallowing. It needs to stop. NOW!

Chalcedon said...

These bastard journos are all cosied up to government spinners and politicians themselves. They give them an easy ride and regurgitate all the bollocks they release as 'The Truth'. So of course they don't like their little boats to get rocked. No doubt they would have revelled in these sordid, salacious accusations if they had made it to Red Rag. But because the evil, vile Noo Labour was caught red handed (LOL) and the vicious vermin involved named, shamed and had evidence stuck under their noses, the lefty journos are crying foul. Well sod them. Time for them to wake up to the power of digital jounalism and the power that the blogosphere now has.

I expect there will be calls for more regulation, accreditation, licensing and no anonymity (not that Guido is anonymous of course).

captainff said...

It is a fight to the death between people who take and the people who take from them.

Surely it should read "and the people who they take from"?

SteveShark said...

Ooh...they don't like mere 'amateurs' joining in, do they?
For far too long the MSM and the politicians have had the luxury of a 'closed shop' to sort out their joint agenda with no regard for what the majority really want.
Now that Guido has shown that being one of the 60 million can make a difference they're running scared.
Their monopoly on the production and dissemination of news and comment has been blown wide open.
Newsmongers rise and newsmongers fall, but the blogosphere is like a thousand-headed hydra.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@captainff: thanks, I got a bit carried away. Hopefully it's clearer now.

john miller said...

The prat was also dimissive of the whole affair in a previous blog, stating that smear campaigns were part and parcel of day to day politics.

A lessening of the moral outrage we should exhibit, because, yknow, it goes on all the time.

Its the double standards that get me. If Cameroons had done it, they would have been filthy public schoolboy perverted capitalists.

Brown does it, hey, everybody does it dontcha know?

In general, the leftie press and the Labourgraph come out of this quite poorly. Still, the flower might not be in her job much longer if the financial arteries of the Grauniad keep bleeding moey like they are.