Monday, 6 April 2009

Tony Blair raises the bar

Fuck me:

Tony Blair earns nearly £400,000 for two 30-minute speeches

Now THAT is how you do greed and venality. Sitting MPs are doubtlessly taking notes as we speak. Still, I'm sure he was worth every penny.

"Politics really matters, but a lot of what goes on is not great," Mr Blair was quoted as telling his audience.

Other remarks included "politicians are a very strange people", "religion [can be] a source of inspiration or an excuse for evil" and "helping people is a noble profession, but not noble to pursue".

Oh. Perhaps not, then.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Obo, in the UK it is traditional for politicians to collect all the bungs AFTER they have left office. See also 'William Hague'.

Chond said...

Wrong word in their article - it says earns, rather than paid.

They paid him a pile of money, but he didn't earn a single penny of it.

Can't believe that people pay money to hear his bullshit - we got as a free extra for years and I don't think many were lining up to listen to it then.

Stan said...

£400,000 for talking bollocks? I could do that!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I wonder what brand of bleach he uses?

Dennis said...

That's £111.11 a second.

The world has gone FUCKING MAD. There is no other explanation. I would gladly give Tony Blair 50p to fuck off and bore somebody else, the sanctimonious, platitude-spouting little shitehawk. Dear God.

Come to think about it, I would pay £111.11 for the chance to remodel his skull with a cricket bat.

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadworth is right it is nothing more than a corporate delayed pay-off

The Penguin said...

Fucking 7 fucking minutes.

The Penguin

Old Bag said...

you mean no one should benefit from tony the poodles' vast experience? for £400,000 he's all yours! a bargain at half the price! (yes i love being sarcastic)

Mitch said...

I would give you 50p for all of blairs internal organs in a bucket,keep the hands though too much blood on em for me.

aproposofwhat said...

Penguin - you might have been later, but you did at least quote the priceless titles of the evil bastard's speeches.

'The Leader as Nation Builder in a time of Globalisation' - beyond belief from the man that contributed to the destruction of numerous nations during his inept leadership of our country, and who has done more than any other to promote the divisive poison that is multiculturalism.

'The Leader as Principled Negotiator' - well, the title's got 'principled' in it, so the cunt must be talking about someone else.

What a cunt Blair is, but what a bigger bunch of cunts are those who pay his wages.

WV: 'heshe' - Mandelbum's not around, is he?