Thursday, 9 April 2009

What? The fuck?

OK, so it's the Daily Fail:

Three sons of the firebrand Islamic preacher Abu Hamza could face jail after yesterday admitting taking part in a £1million stolen car fraud.

OK, so ignoring the irony of a militant Islamist's kids stealing to fund "a 'party lifestyle'" and that one of them "also admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply", which I'm pretty sure is not acceptable to Muslims, what is this "could face jail" crap?

Judge Peter Testar at Southwark Crown Court warned the gang yesterday they could face jail.

'I am ordering these pre-sentence reports with no prejudice - that means no promises,' he said.

Hang on a minute. They stole dozens of cars, blatantly defrauded a number of businesses, dealt drugs and they could face jail? Could?

What the fuckety fuck do you have to do to go to jail nowadays?

Tip of the clown wig to Pengy.


Stan said...

"What the fuckety fuck do you have to do to go to jail nowadays?"

Wait until you are 70, reliant on a meagre pension then refuse to pay your £2000 council tax bill. That'll get you a ticket to Strangeways.

Anonymous said...

Paint "Animal rights on wall" 11 yrs.Torture baby Peter Connolly to death,7 yrs.

JuliaM said...

Look on the bright side - at least some Islamists are integrating!

Woman on a Raft said...

Defraud an insurance company of £250k by pretending to be dead - 6yrs and a few months. (3 indoors, 3 on a tag).

I guestimate that if you factor in the costs of the search, the police enquiry, the two trials (original and appeal against sentence) and the ongoing costs of the recoverers who still insist that Mr Darwin has millions hidden, the bill could be £3m. It would have been cheaper for us all to just refund the insurance co and refuse to let Mr Darwin back in where he will only cost us more money. Recover hidden assets my foot; why do they think he came back? He realized he hadn't nicked nearly enough to cover his health costs.

The Darwins lost their appeal against the length of their sentences last month, so we know that 6 years is the going rate.

Chalcedon said...

I saw the article on the Wail online and asked the same question. Could face jail? These thieving bastards should go to jail for several years. It was a very well put together fraud. And if Hamza's kids were born outside of the UK I hope the fuckers are deported at the end of their sentence too. however, all credit to them for thieving in daylight and in the open, running a risk of getting caught. Unlike the venal, 646 thieving, lying twats in parliament trying to hide their snouting of public money.

SteveShark said...

Get inside the courtroom when the fuckers are sentenced and shout, "You're a cunt!" at the Judge.
Some simultaneous exposure of one's man vegetables would make this a cert.
I must add that I do not speak from personal experience...

Anonymous said...

For theft, shouldn't they have a hand chopped off?

SteveShark said...

For theft, shouldn't they have a hand chopped off?

They could borrow dad's hooks then.

Fidothedog said...

Go to jail for full term: Be an OAP who witholds her poll tax.

Short term: Be a car crashing Labour peer.

Anonymous said...

didn't the owners of that fishing boat go to jail?