Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bang-up job, Gorgon

I see that Gorgon's economic mastery is working (ha! ha!) well:

Biggest Jump In Jobless Total Since 1981

Britain has seen the biggest quarterly rise in the number of people out of work since 1981.

Official figures show that the jobless total increased by 244,000 between January and March to 2,215,000. The jobless rate jumped from 6.3% to 7.1%.

Unemployment has now increased by 592,000 over the past year.

Employment Minister Tony McNulty told Sky News: "I can't disguise the fact that these are disappointing figures. It's a very difficult recession and downturn."

Redundancies were up sharply. More than a quarter of a million people (286,000) were made redundant in the first three months of the year - up 27,000 on the previous quarter, and over the year an increase of 175,000.

The unemployment figures were published a day early following the accidental early release of some data.

In other news, Gordon's attempt to run a bath described as "a total and utter abject failure". Why does anyone think that his profligate incompetence deserves anything other that a violent bollock crushing?


The Penguin said...

You have to remember that Gordon abolished Boom and Bust. Surely the Nobel Prize awaits?

The Penguin

TheFatBigot said...

It's worth putting the figure in context. "Worst since 1981" means "worst since unsustainable non-jobs were culled to ensure there was a chance to return to economic sanity".

And this time round we haven't even started on the public sector non-jobs yet.

Anonymous said...

Increasing core Labour support.