Saturday, 16 May 2009

Britain: the fairest nation in the world?

The Tories are banging on about the BNP now. One of the nastier parts of their webshite is a list of what utter scumbags some members of the BNP are.

I hereby call upon Tim Montgomerie to expose the membership of the Tory Party to the same scrutiny and tell us all what sort of "scum" votes Tory. I'd also be pleased if that crusading hero of the left, who nods approvingly about how effective this BNP-bashing is, to expose the members of the Labour Party to the same scrutiny and tell us how many thugs, kiddy-fiddlers, fraudsters and crooks there are supporting Labour.

It's only fair.

(For the sake of avoidance of doubt: I share the general distaste for the BNP on every ground [bar their wish to leave the EU], but I despise the hypocrisy of those attacking them.)


ukipwebmaster said...

UKIP responds to the expenses row:

Mitch said...

I would never want to see the BNP in power but we need people like this to show the limits.How else can you judge the middle then right and left without the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Anyway enough serious shit I came for amusement.

Anonymongous said...

At least the bald knobhead party have the decency to announce what they'd do.

I'm not a fan by any means, but as CallMeDave won't tell me why I should vote for him (beyond him not being zanulaba), I am considering a protest vote.

Dave has 'done good' in the last few days, but did it have to come out before these cunts decided to do something?

Come Dave, me old mucker, what EXACTLY are you going to do about a referendum? Not looking for rocket science, just a legally binding commitment to a referendum.

How exactly are you going to repeal so many of the shite, incompetent laws are you going to repeal?

How are you going to cleanse the police, education, local government of the waste of fucking money jobsworths?

Anonymongous off for a siesta said...

Note to self, less beer, more sleep, some attempt at proof reading

JuliaM said...

By banging on and on and on and on about how dangerous the BNP are, how it's beyond the pale to vote for them, how they are Hitler reincarnated, they are just giving them the oxygen of publicity!

God, did none of these dumb lefties ever read 'Uncle Remus'?

Oh, what's the point? Go throw the BNP in that briar patch, Righteous. You know it makes sense...

JuliaM said...

"Dave has 'done good' in the last few days, but did it have to come out before these cunts decided to do something?"

Well, no. As Stan points out, he could have shown true leadership by acting before the 'Telegraph' revelations, couldn't he?

Anonymous said...

I approached the cunts with an idea to "hold fire" & attack plod simultaniously. Once the filth were dealt with we would sort out differences. Of course the BNP are the political wing of the police thus the offer wasn't accepted.

Anonymous said...

Go look: Dem

Something about motes and beams.

Someone would go to the trouble of setting up an anti BNP blog on account of 'criminality'? Fucking priceless.

Wv = bustin (too fucking right I is)

Anonymous said...


Selecting the most promising link from the anti BNP list i.e. mass murderer, I am directed to the Grauniad story of 2000 regarding one D. Copeland.

Now apart from the fact that he joined the National Socialists after the BNP and it could be argued that he was doing his deed from a Socialist pov (and yes I am aware that the BNP is rightly regarded as 'Socialist' i.e. left-wing today but it wasn't always thus), there is still the matter of this - Five psychiatrists concluded he had been a paranoid schizophrenic for several years. But this was challenged by prosecutors, who were under pressure not to concede to his pleas of guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

I suggest that the two wank-stains who have initiated this 'blog' attend to their own cause rather than engage in such puerile, pathetic, impotent, mud-slinging.

I would like to credit them with an IQ higher than that of a dead slug but, I admit, would struggle to point out where this may be apparent.

Believe it or not I'm not a BNP supporter/voter, never have been but specious 'blogs' by total twats may yet provoke me.

The Economic Voice said...

Let's just hope we don't end up with protest votes filling the local and EU seats with even more useless twats than fill them at present.