Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Decades of effort, study and critical thought

... went into the political evolution of Rachel Reeves, PPC for Leeds West (over at LabourLost):

I remember back in 1987, my dad putting on the Six o'clock News and pointing out Neil Kinnock to my sister, Ellie, and me. He told us that was who we voted for, and we've both known we were Labour since then (I was eight and Ellie was six).
Jesus wept. And I'm sure the history of vast majority of tribal voters is not in the least bit different.

I guess we should just be grateful her dad didn't support Hitler.


Catosays said...
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subrosa said...

Oh Obo you never disappoint! Plenty like her around in the west of Scotland believe me.

Anonymous said...

Stupid brainwashed cunt.

I hope you're changing your father's nappies soon, Rachel. Who knows, he might enjoy a bed bath.