Monday, 25 May 2009

Miliband Jr

Wow! The younger Millipede, untarnished by the expenses scandal has come up with some zinging ideas to reform Parliament:

  • More power for parliamentary select committees to scrutinise legislation.
    And who, pray tell, has ridden roughshod over the power these committees had before?

  • More power to be devolved to local government.
    What, like the valuable Welsh Arsembly or the Scotch Parliament? Fuck off!

    But wait! There's even more genius at work here:

  • The language of the chamber – such as calling MPs "my right honourable friend".
  • The ceremonial garb of Commons officials.
  • The amount of time the Commons sits during the year. Miliband said he would be open to the idea of September sittings.
  • The format of PMQs.

Yes, folks: that powerhouse genius of the Labour Party, that intellectual giant, Ed Millipede, has decided that if the "members" of Parliament stop all that flowery language, dress differently, sit for more time and have a different way of doing PMQ's, everything will be better.

No, you fucking moron: until your shower of modernising shitehawks arrived on the scene, Parliament was a much better representation of the people and much more effective at countering the most egregious stupidities of the executive.

Your party has fucked with Parliament over and over again and made it fucking worse each and every fucking time. And now your big plan to fix this is to fucking fuck with it some fucking more? You fucking useless fuck-faced fuck, do us all an immense favour:



Fucker said...


Harri i am watching the fuckers every move said...

Great idea Fuckwit Ed "milkybar kid " millipede.

And while you are at it, stop with all the bastard latest buzzwords.. its really really boring, yes of course we fucking notice.

frankly speaking , to be Frank, Simply say ( Bliars favourite ) i believe , and the latest fucking wheeze ... Absolutety.

What do they all sit round a fucking table and pick them out of a hat?

Simply put and frankly speaking i believe they are all absolute cunts.

wv Loco, fucking spot on.

Martin said...

What a fucking cunthole.

vv: Joint. He must have been smoking one.

Harri said...

Slightly off topic but fuck it , its worth the effort.

This bloke will not be getting a job with the samaritans... i hope!

Man pushes would-be suicide jumper off bridge because he was taking too long
By Mail Foreign Service
A passer-by pushed a would-be suicide jumper off a bridge because he was fed up at the man's 'selfish activity', Chinese media has reported.
Lian Jiansheng, 66, was passing by the Haizhu Bridge in the city of Guangzhou when he spotted Chen Fuchao threatening to jump.
Chen held up traffic for five hours, drawing a crowd at the bridge - and an impatient Lian finally decided enough was enough.

riddler said...

More power to be devolved to local government??

That would be the unelected Regional Development Agencies perhaps?

Mitch said...

Cant we just turn the clock back to 97 and try again?
The one and only thing these spunk bubbles have done for me is to tax my car online(still too much though).
Thats it 12yrs 3500 laws and thats it!!!!!!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Those in power have turned this crisis in parliament to their own advantage. I have a sneaky feeling that it was what they wanted all along.

We the electorate want more say in the running of parliament, including setting MPs wages, not less!

Tory Poppins said...

Ed's a complete dick - no one'll listen to his stupid fucking, pointless ideas.