Thursday, 28 May 2009

Not a lot of people know that ...

... well, I certainly didn't:

in 1939, Prince Philip joined the Royal Navy, graduating the next year from the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, as the top cadet in his course.[12] He was commissioned as a midshipman in January 1940. Philip spent four months on the battleship HMSRamillies, protecting convoys of the Australian Expeditionary Force in the Indian Ocean. After shorter postings totalling two months on HMSKent, HMS Shropshire and in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), he was transferred from the Indian Ocean to the battleship HMS Valiant in theMediterranean Fleet. Amongst other engagements, he was involved in the Battle of Crete, was mentioned in despatches for his service during the Battle of Cape Matapan, and was awarded the Greek War Cross of Valour.[12] Duties of lesser glory included stoking the boilers of the troop transport ship RMS Empress of Russia.[13]

Prince Philip was promoted to sub-lieutenant after a series of courses at Portsmouth in which he gained the top grade in four out of five sections.[14] In June 1942, he was appointed to the V&W class destroyer and flotilla leader, HMS Wallace, which was involved in convoy escort tasks on the east coast of Britain, as well as the allied invasion of Sicily.[15] Promotion to lieutenant followed on 16 July 1942. In October of the same year, at just 21 years of age, he became first lieutenant of HMS Wallace and one of the youngest first lieutenants in the Royal Navy. In 1944, he moved on to the new destroyer, HMS Whelp, where he saw service with the British Pacific Fleet in the 27th Destroyer Flotilla.[16][17]He was present in Tokyo Bay when the instrument of Japanese surrender was signed. In January 1946, Philip returned to Britain on the Whelp, and was posted as an instructor at HMS Royal Arthur, the Petty Officers’ School in Corsham, Wiltshire.[18]

Sarkozy and Obama, "the main event"? How very dare they!


Herr Harri said...

Thats all well and fine Obo... but the cunt survived.

I wonder if he learnt to speak Russian as well as German, just in case?

SaltedSlug said...

I like Phil. I've met him twice, and he always amuses; in a Victor Meldrew/Rising Damp kind of way.
Separately and thirty-odd years ago, he once called my father-in-law a stupid bastard after he watched him fall off his boat in some harbour somewhere (after he made sure he was ok, obv.).

That the fucking Community Organiser and his toadying French whore are using this event for political capital at the expense of excluding those who actually served, or that British veterans might be prevented from visiting the area due to the 'security situation', plumbs new depths of utterly reprehensible behaviour.

The total cunts.

Chalcedon said...

At least he won all his medals unlike Charlie boy.

Harri the unconvinced said...

Just the iron cross missing and the Soviet OSOAVIAHIM badge then to add to his collection, do the EU do a traitors badge!

Tom Paine said...

Hmm. There is a story I heard that at a State Banquet in Brazil Philip commented on a local general's highly-decorated chest. Gesturing at his medals, Phil said "I didn't even know Brazil was in the war". Gesturing at Philip's raft of decorations, the Brazilian replied, " least I didn't get my medals for marrying my wife."

Probably apocryphal, but artistically correct.

Harri said...

Fuck it, i should have known better!

Apparently they do.

European Union Mission Service Medal.

If one gets ones European Union Mission Service Medal for selling ones own country down the swanee then His Highness should get two, one for him and one for his wife?

HeartAttackSurvivor said...

Well, Harri, hope he told the dago cunt that he'd won the fucking things *before* he married her, then.
Ignorant fuckwit.

Cheshire Cat said...

Fuck 'em.

Next time, we'll let the fuckers stew - see how well the French gastronomic tradition does on sauerkraut, bratwurst and cream cakes.

Sarko's dad, by the way, was an official in Szolnok, Hungary during the war (from which all 2500 Jews were sent to the concentration camps), and even fled to Germany in 1944 when the Soviets got too close, so I suppose he's slightly sensitive on the subject, the shortarsed cunt.

Cheshire Cat said...

Oops - got that wrong - it was his granddad who was in charge in Szolnok - his dad, however, joined the French Foreign Legion but was invalided out soon after training by a friendly Hungarian doctor so he didn't have to go to Vietnam (which was a French clusterfuck before the Yanks screwed it up still further).

He's still an annoying little shit, and I'm sure he wouldn't like his granfather's role in WWII highlighted ;o)

DaveA said...

Pedants corner. The Brazilians declared war on the Germans on the 22nd August 1942 and sent an army to the Ttalian campaign. 948 Brazilians perished from all 3 services.

Anonymous said...

I loved Mr Saxe-Coburg-von Augustenberg-von Sonderergs realtive Dicky Moutbatten (von Battenberg) on HMS Kelly. "I wonder what will happen if I sail between two lines of enemy guns?" Er, the ship will sinking with massive loss of life ya dumb fuck!