Saturday, 9 May 2009

So they CAN ignore EU rules

... when it suits them, of course:

The Government's proposals state that the DNA samples provided by innocent people will be quickly destroyed and their profiles will be removed from the database, but not immediately.

Anyone accused of serious violent and sexual offences, who are released without charge or later cleared of an offence, will still have their DNA profiles held for 12 years.


So, if you happen to get accused of the wrong kind of crime, EVEN IF you are entirely innocent or the accusation was baseless, frivolous and malicious, you will still be regarded as a criminal.



Shug Niggurath said...

That's Prescott fucked then I suppose?

What's the odds on MP's being exempted?

Bristol Dave said...

It may surprise you that darling Kerry wholeheartedly supports these absurdly totalitarian measures. I almost fell off my chair in surprise.

Actually, no I didn't. I thought "That's about right then, you authoritarian Gorgon-apologist NuLabor Cow".

I await any expense revelations about Kerry with interest, after all, she's got previous.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Oboe. ECHR are not technically binding rules. It is a "gentlemens" agreement. Which only works if one is dealing with gentlemen. Like Greece, Slovakia and Turkey.

Andy said...

This sort of shit worries the fuck out of me.

Once "being accused" has negative effects, you need only "accuse" anyone of one of the forbidden crimes and you have them on a register.

Let's say I am a corrupt bastard of an MP who has just been reported to the police to have my expenses investigated by a member of the public. What is to stop me accusing said member of the public of fiddling with my child? It's not true, it will never go to court, but I've got them then. They'll show up on every CRB check as unsuitable for any job. Effectively, I have the power to destroy someone's life on a whim.

Not good. Not good at all.

The only way I can think of for stopping this sort of thing is to preemptively accuse every MP of being a kiddie fiddler. See how they like that.