Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Too good not to blog

Suffer you cunt:

Chief executive of speed camera firm banned for driving at 100mph

Dozy cunt -- doesn't he know where the cameras are then?

Riall, who took part last year in a road safety campaign called Safe Drive Stay Alive, told the court he would like formally to apologise, saying: "In my role I am all too aware of the consequences of speeding." Riall said he was driving to visit friends in Newmarket before a business meeting in Norwich and the road was clear.

Ah, the roads were clear, visibility was good, no-one was hurt and yet still the poor cunt got a fine.

Poor lamb.

He asked magistrates not to impose a ban, saying it would cost about £30,000 to employ drivers to take him on business trips during the six months, and that the speeding offence had already caused "some considerable personal embarrassment".

Embarrassment? FUCK OFF YOU MISERABLE FUCKING CUNT! People have lost their livelihoods paying for your cash machines. People who can't afford to chuck 30 grand at a fucking driver. I wish I'd known about this earlier, I'd have come round to court and kicked you in the fucking bollocks as well, you utter tosser!

He said: "Of course, while I have had a number of fixed penalty notices in the past, this is the first time I have exceeded the speed limit to this degree." The magistrates rejected this, saying a six-point penalty was fair.

Fair? FAIR? It's pretty fucking generous, if you ask me. I'd have strung you up by your testicles for your part in raping the motorist and have let you off the speeding fine as a consolation.

You shameless, greedy, nasty, spiteful, arrogant, thieving cunt.

Update: More, unrelated deliciosity.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Agreed. And while the torture ... err, sorry ... punishment is being inflicted, we could employ some of his fucking cameras to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when you turn into a pussy moderate.

Mark Wadsworth said...

He's a daft bugger. He should have said he was testing them to check they worked. But as you say, he deserves everything he gets, plus the 'hanging up by the knackers' bit.

The Penguin said...

It was a cop car, not a Serco camera. Shame, but still amusing.

The Penguin.

tigershark king said...

easy tigersharks.

Alan said...

The words "Justice" and "Poetic" spring to mind..

...but in a different order.


Islander said...

Where the fuck does this cunt get off by saying it will cost THIRTY FUCKING GRAND for a driver for six months. Where is this money coming from? Not his own fucking pocket, you can guarantee that. Sack the cunt. If he can't drive, he can't do his job. Sacked. End of.

Like wot happens to real peoples.

ps, where do I apply for the driver job? £60,000 pa for pottering about in a nice big luxury merc or similar sounds good to me.

pps wv reked. Like his career? I wish

Earthlet Nigel said...

Bet his misus will be pleased, as this enforced ban will curtail any extra-marital unpleasantries he's up to. Allegedly

Harri said...

Oh what a bastard shame, could not have happened to a nicer cunt?

Fuck him.

WIckWelsh said...

£30K, not a problem, just put up a few more cameras, have it covered in no time.