Thursday, 4 June 2009

Are you going to vote today?

If you are planning not to, please do.

Please help administer the righteous kick in the balls that the big three trough-snuffling parties all so richly deserve. And especially, anybody who can vote against that cunt Corbett in Yorkshire, make me happy.


Martin said...

I already have. Just got back.
Locals: Spoilt the ballot. Lab, LibDem, Tory and UKIP. Nothing else. Fuck that.

EU: Spoilt the ballot on principle. I don't like UKIP enough to give them a protest vote.

JuliaM said...

You bet I am!

Henry North London said...

Im walking in in my Libertarian Tshirt and Rosette to show them that I can vote and I will vote either jury or ukip

Am just about to skip across the road to the polling station and do it

Henry North London said...

Voted for an independent

At least he'll get a vote.

Earthlet Nigel said...

It seems that Horsham District Council has been remiss in sending out polling cards to the voters. A good few, myself included had not received one, however on providing ID confoirmed against the Electoral Register I was able to vote

Anonymous said...

I'm an Ex-Pat now living in the USA.
Even I was pissed off enough to register for a postal/proxy vote.

I have sent my proxy with the instructions to vote for UKIP as I would not vote for the truffle hunters this time.(Note: would NEVER vote Labour anyway)