Thursday, 18 June 2009

I blame Charlotte Gore

My rage is currently inchoate. I'm going to take the morning off and see if I can verbalise it when I come back.


Paul said...

Your rage is currently inchoate?

I think almost everyone's rage is inchoate.

We are being ruled by separatists, Eurofanatics, communists and other vermin.

This Government and Bummer Broon need putting out of their misery. Now.

Pogo said...

... and the twattish BBC are running yet another load of eco-bollocks about how we're all going to fry... or drown... or something.

All based on the "predictions" of that great Monte-Carlo machine, the met office!

Anonymous said...

Everything is Bullshit.
And I mean everything.
This Country is so bloody Boring, boring, boring...

Tedium is setting in fast.
Shit, Zanulab, & shit Cameroons, who want to take over where McFuckBroon leaves off.

McDonalds employee of da year said...

Someone kickstart the REVOLUTION.. dont matter if its left right, green or pink, just kick it off.

Thats a wake up call to you lazy students. And school leavers - burn it fucking down!