Friday, 12 June 2009

I must be a racist

I had no idea who Ben Kinsella was, but when I saw a photo of a young white male callously murdered by a bunch of black thugs, I had to wonder why it wasn't being trumpeted in the Graun and the Indy as a race hate crime?

Is it because he was white?

Update: For the sake of avoidance of doubt, I'd hate for this to be classified as a "race hate crime". As far as I'm concerned, if you kill someone, you're a murderer. Killing someone because they are the wrong skin colour or are gay or whatever doesn't make you more of a murderer. Murder is murder.


The Penguin said...

It's the taboo. We're not supposed to notice that the vast majority of knife and gun crime is down to blacks.

The Penguin

Sue said...

I'm sick and tired of the government covering up figures of how many sodding immigrants are criminals. We don't get any figures, we're not allowed to say anything.

It's this crap that gives the BNP votes!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

If was three white lads who stabbed a black lad to death, the media would be in a frenzy. All the usual talking head trumpets would be out in force etc etc. Cunts.

Anonymous said...

It's okay for the ethnics to openly attack and mock white people now - and publicise it, and reward it.

Anonymous said...

1970´s three black people were seen leaving the area!
1980´s three afro-carribean youths were seen leaving the area
1990´s labour got voted and whitey made them do it!

Obnoxio The Clown said...


Whatever turns you on...

Tory Poppins said...

Of course this was a 'race hate' crime - but not classed as such because the victim was white.
That's Labour Britain for you!

Anonymous said...

3 black cunts murdered an innocent white boy.

Unfortunately it appears that we are frowned upon by our democratic Government (yeah right, like they really are) if we tell it how it really is, these days.

So I repeat, 3 black cunts murdered an innocent white boy.

That is all.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Just to second what everybody else said in the comments above.

Was anybody in the slightest surprised that all three murderers were black?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Was anybody in the slightest surprised that all three murderers were black?"

I was. From listening to the BBC, you'd swear it was only ever blacks and asians getting killed by whites.

Gigits said...

According to the BBC, the murder was all about 'Respect'. The monsters weren't shown the correct level of 'Respect' by their victim.

What utter bollocks. The cunting BBC make these three fuckers out to be some sort of latter day Samurai, instead of the sub-human trash that they are.

Rob Farrington said...

Absolutely agree - when Sarah Lancaster was kicked to death, her mother called for a change in the law so that people who lived 'alternative lifestyles' would be protected against 'hate crimes'.

I sympathise with her mother's feelings, but she's wrong - instead of bringing more and more groups and sub-groups under this legislation, these laws should be thrown out, and everyone defined as individuals with a right to life and to go about their lawful business without being attacked.

What's the difference between the attitudes of the utter cunts who killed Sarah Lancaster or Ben Kinsella, and that of those who would kill someone just because they're black or homosexual?

Surely there's none at all, and the law should reflect this.

sobers said...

Didn't you get the memo? Only WHITE people are racist!

Chalcedon said...

Of course it was racist. Kinsella was 'disrespecting' these idiots and they viciously murdered him. 11 stab wounds and a busted rib. So no evil malice there then? Most gun and knife crime is committed by black males. Usually relatively young ones. Why? Broken homes. Why? coz of black male culture innit? The only father figure is the gang boss.

Chalcedon said...

"Was anybody in the slightest surprised that all three murderers were black?"

Not once I had head a couple of names and that 'disrespecting' was used as the reason.

Anonymous said...


For the record, Nigella Lawson is a widow.

Let the record show that in this case, I'd be proud to be a widow licker.

woman on a raft said...

2007 case for comparision:

"Four white teenagers are facing prison sentences for the racially aggravated murder of an Asian taxi driver.

Father-of-three Mohammad Parvaiz, 41, was beaten to death by the youths near Huddersfield in July last year."(2006)

Sorry, can't find the eventual sentencing, but the story says:

Judge Dame Heather Steel adjourned sentencing for reports but said Murphy and Hand would receive life sentences.

She said Utley and Slavin would be "detained at Her Majesty's pleasure".

Having said that, I'm no fan of the 'racially aggravated' tag. It makes it seem like some stabbings are worse than others, whereas from the victim's point of view, you don't get any less dead just because the killer was the same colour as you.

Anonymous said...

Outsource our prisons to Malawi and Somalia.

We'd save money and do something positive for the third world.

Plato said...

I haven't paid this story any attention at until now - I assumed the victim was black and was killed by other black kid thugs. Respect has a bizarre meaning these days.

White kids on the other hand seem to prefer picking on middle aged white guys like Gary Newlove.

And yes, agree with the view that a black kid being killed by white ones would be decried as racist.

Anonymous said...

WIDOW LICKER" I don't know about that but when the MP's have a day out they have to put the windscreen wipers on the inside.

CIngram said...

"widow licker"

The Urban Dictionary is already on it: 'A person who goes to funerals to find girls or has sex/oral sex with widows.'
Ex: That guy in the film Wedding Crashers is such as widow licker.

CIngram said...

I've just remembered the post was about something very serious. Yes, murder is murder. It is obscene to have categoies of the murdered. Having said that, anyone who gives "disrespect" as a motive for taking someone's life needs to be placed naked in a busy street every morning and reminded of exactly how much respect they deserve. For preference this should involve, at the very least, pink lipstick and the insertion of coloured streamers into bodily orifices.coastopm