Monday, 29 June 2009


I actually have a lot of time for Fraser Nelson. He is articulate and knows how to construct a case, which are things I never thought I'd associate with the News of the Screws.

And he's in fine form here, mocking our flaccid politicians for entirely failing to come to grips with what the BNP have found a good campaign tactic:

Westminster parties have kept their baffled silence and are giving the BNP a monopoly over the most explosive issue in politics.

You'd think Gordon Brown and David Cameron would have been shocked into action after seeing Griffin win a seat in Brussels.

Almost a MILLION voters chose the BNP. And make no mistake: we're not talking about a million racists.

Griffin never mentions his whites-only membership policy. He campaigns, simply, on controlling immigration.

In the recession, it's a bigger subject than ever because the layoffs are hitting British- born people hardest.

Strip out the public sector and do you know how many new jobs have gone to British workers since 1997?

Zero. Squat. Nada. In fact, there are fewer UK-born workers in the private sector than 12 years ago.

That last bit was particularly scary.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm actually all for uncontrolled immigration. What I'm not in favour of is uncontrolled benefits being dished out to uncontrolled immigrants. And I'm definitely not in favour of taxes on uncontrolled immigrants being used to fund a class of client state voters who do fuck all but endorse this rather astonishing state of affairs.

What the fuck is going on?


Henry North London said...

That is very scary What the fuck happened in the last 12 years?

Anonymous said...

So you want to completely overcrowd Britain? Why can't Libertarians seem to realise that there are limits in terms of space and resources? Our economy is going to collapse and when it does we won't be able to afford food imports. I'll check back then and see how you're doing. I'll be in Thailand smugly drinking a G&T watching cannibalism take root in the UK.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

And we get the "New Deal": where we get taxpayers to pay companies a "salary" for a person on benefits to work at that company, in order to allow them to keep their benefits, while chalking this up as "training". Simples.

Still, at least when the food runs out we can eat these feckers!

Delphius1 said...

I've already blogged about this here.

The problem is the benefits system traps people. It is too costly and too risky to leave benefits to pick up a temporary job, because it takes weeks for the system to accept you back again, during which you're without money, risking eviction and bailiffs.
The benefits system needs to move into the 21st century and make it easier for people to move off benefits and into work.

Immigrants work outside the system and don't care about minimum wages, live 20 to a house and have minimal housing costs. Even better to be an immigrant with no job, because you get support an d benefits thrown at you by your appointed interpreter.

We need to create a workforce as flexible as immigrants, but Labour has shrouded the job market in so much red tape and regulation, UK workers can't compete, even on their own soil.

But of course its in the Labour Government's interest to have a load of claimants shit scared of the Conservatives and their "Tory cuts".

subrosa said...

I'm with Delphius and his thoughts on his blog yesterday. The whole benefit system needs revamped.

I'm against uncontrolled immigration, but you know that don't you Obo? ;)

powerman said...

Immigration would control itself if the benefit system was reformed so that only people with a fully developed work ethic and useful skills would be able to stay.

Call me Infidel said...

Anon 14:48 I think the idea is that reform of welfare would control immigration. To be honest I don't think it would. Whilst one function of immigration is to keep out economic migrants, there are additional factors. For example keeping out rapists and murderers. Of course this function could be carried out internally but I would argue that it would be more effective if carried out at the borders.

In any event there is no one in Britain with the balls to carry out the kind of reforms that are needed to welfare so ultimately it is a moot point.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Under the AC1 party....

There would be an LVT and no income tax.
From the LVT the costs of the state would be removed and every citizen would get a Citizens Dividend.

Non-citizens would also have to pay the costs of the state. They would also have to insure against being jailed or overstaying their visa.

Anonymous said...

the pigeon fancier says
help ourselves to the EVIL ALBANIANS?

mexicano said...

¨Now, don't get me wrong. I'm actually all for uncontrolled immigration¨

This comment shows that even proven hardcases like you haven´t really got a clue about what´s going on and what it´s going to take to put an end to it. Better hurry up and wake up because time is fast running out!

Patriot said...

It's about CONTROL, and what better way to have control than having us and our children under Sharia Law.

Ok, let's look at ( some of ) the Evidence, correct, most New Jobs have gone to immigrants.

Look at the setting up of a Muslim state in EUrope, Kosovo.

Now look into this,
90% of Immigration into the EU has been ISLAMIC since 1997.

Look at the opening of EU Jobcentres in Africa inviting in 50 MILLION more, see if you can guess their Back Ground.

Now add to this the Desire to let Turkey into the EU.

This video will put it all together.

Make no mistake, our govt is at war with us.
Demographics and Treachery

The EuroMed Agreement

I have to ask, just how much evidence do you need to realise exactly why the British NATIONAL Party are demonised so much.

You have been sold out, your govt is at War with you, they want you and your children DEAD, DEAD DEAD DEAD.

Patriot said...

More Evidence

Simon Hughes MP

Shahid Malik said

Islam, the Police state, civill contingencies bill, it's all about control, control, control.

John Demetriou said...

Nice piece and I found the Fraser article interesting.

Tell me Obo, you say you are against immigration controls and provide rationale which I appreciate, but can you explain WHY you oppose controls on immigration?

I'd appreciate your view on this.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@JD: well, it's a kind of ideal world thing. If the world was libertarian then it wouldn't really matter. If the UK was libertarian and people were coming here for the libertarian lifestyle, then they would make the UK even more libertarian.

However, as things stand right now, I am violently opposed to more immigration, because people are coming in for the wrong reasons.