Monday, 8 June 2009

Well, DUH?!?!

Jeez, some people need a picture drawing, don't they?

The BNP won its first seats in the European parliament not because its supporters are all racist, but because many voters feel insecure and let down by the main parties.

No shit?

It gets better, though:

One of the most startling findings came when we tested anecdotal reports that many BNP voters were old Labour sympathisers who felt that the party no longer speaks up for them. As many as 59% of BNP voters think that Labour “used to care about the concerns of people like me but doesn’t nowadays”.

Go on, Labour cock-sniffers ... stick THAT in your fucking pink pipe and smoke it.

And finally:

Yet, depending on how the term "racist" is precisely defined, our survey suggests that the label applies to only around a half of BNP voters. On their own, these votes would not have been enough to give the BNP either of the seats they won last night.

There are two telling pieces of evidence that suggest wider causes of disenchantment. Seven out of 10 BNP voters (and almost as many Green and Ukip voters) think that "there is no real difference these between Britain’s three main parties".

See, you goat-felching weasel-rapists, when you don't believe in anything, why should the voters believe in you?


Anonymous said...

Plus the fact that any poor sod who still has a job feels marginalised and only see their troughing MP when they want his vote. They feel a second class citizen in there own country and don't own a house with a moat. Not sure if they will have a job in the near future so all the family will be out on the street because they bought a house that on average takes 5 years of hard slog to pay for 1 room. Where Fred the fucking shred and Adam (want a 125% mortgage?) Applegarth and their mates fuck up good style and walk away with more money than a lottery winner. Where an obviously deranged man is er running the country aided and abetted by Gladys fucking Kinnock and Alan wanna buy a e-mail telephone? Sugar might just might have something to do with it.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I love the way Labour are shovelling shit at the BNP but at the same time trying to avoid calling BNP voters racist. They are not normally as shy with such insults, could it be they want those voters back and truly don't care if they are racist or not? Just a thought.

After all, the BNP manifesto isn't much different from what Labour were presenting to the electorate in the 50s, if you think about it.

There has been some class A sticking fingers in ears from Labour today. :-)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

People have voted for the BNP.

GET OVER IT, you Labour divs.

Like it or not, it's called domocracy.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

No, it's called a "democracy". :o)

Old Bag said...

people voted for a party that will stop ragheads settling here and close the borders to keep britain british.

its not racism, its realism.

jonathan said...

The BNP are a left wing party- more like old Labour than anything else. The only reason they're called right wing is because it's shorthand for "Bad", whereas left wing= "Good".

SteveShark said...

goat-felching weasel-rapists

Insult of the fucking week right there that is.

No-one is going to improve on that bastard.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

"One of the most startling findings came when we tested anecdotal reports that many BNP voters were old Labour sympathisers"