Thursday, 9 July 2009

Am I missing something?

Everyone's banging on about Coulson all of a sudden. Even I knew about the allegations of the phone hacking years ago, and that was why Coulson resigned -- he was either complicit or he was stupid. I don't think he's stupid, but maybe he was. Or maybe he wasn't watching stuff closely enough. Anyway, shit happens, and it happened on his watch and he fell on his sword.

(Perhaps some of those sanctimonious Labour cunts wittering on about him today will notice that he actually did resign and, well, stayed resigned as well.)

Anyway, he's taken his punishment like a man, he was never implicated in the original furore, so why all the fuss now? This smacks of McBride-ness to me.

Fuck 'em all ... they're all cunts anyway.

Update: I like the Spartist take on this.


Nick von Mises said...

It'll backfire on ZanuLab and the Righteous. It always does. The scales have been pulled back from the people's eyes pretty completely now so I think this will barely lose a vote no matter how desperately the Grauniad and Al Jazeera North spin it.

Joe Public said...

Yates-of-the-Yard has told oh-so-indignant Two-Jags that there was probably nowt in his voice-mails worth listening to.

[Am I the only one who finds politicians can be indignant if they think they might have been under surveillance; yet they're quite happy to want to know everything there is to know about us public?]

Chalcedon said...

They are trying for vengeance. Fortunately the alalysis shows that Coulson isn't implicated with evidence to show he was guilty. He is being smeared and by implication so are the Tories. This was years ago. Noo Labour are getting desperate.