Thursday, 30 July 2009

A bona-fide Labour achievement

It's not often that I, as a corrosive right-wing capitalist fascist blogger*, have something kind to say about the Labour Party, but I do believe that fair is fair, so I will compliment them on having achieved something of use:

Allister Heath has just sent me over some stats which show that the poor pay more of their income in tax than the rich. Allister reports that “the bottom fifth of earners pay 38.7 of their gross income in total tax, the next fifth 32.7 per cent, then 34.6 per cent, 35.4 per cent, falling to 34.9 per cent for the top fifth of higher-earning households.”
Absolute result: the very poorest people in Britain pay a higher percentage of their meagre earnings towards the upkeep of the bloated, profligate state than the very rich, or indeed, anyone else!

Yes, Labour is the party of the poor and the downtrodden and boy, it's doing everything in its power to keep them there! That's what we like to see, folks! Keep punishing those poor people and let the rest of us get on with spending our money on ourselves.

(I'm guessing those who are 32.7% amount to roughly 20% of the population, somehow.)

*This is irony, just in case it needs explaining.


Fausty said...

Not forgetting that the poor have less disposable income, such that even tiny rises in inflation or taxes can put them in the red. Those on low, fixed incomes suffer expenditure rises disproportionately to the rest of society.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Yup, I have personal experience of this one. Pity Gordoom and his silly shower of fuckwits don't.

Rob said...

The fall in tax paid by the top fifth is due entirely to the 650-odd MPs at Westminster. Take them out and the tax take would go up substantially.

Nick von Mises said...

Mind you, the bottom 20% get most of the benefits of the tax spend, such as they are

Anonymous said...

The self-righteous sheeple have in typical fashion been bamboozled into line by upper-class-controlled propaganda and resulted in electing into office the same chains that keep them binded to their servitude.

The story is no different today than five-hundred years earlier when aristocracy claimed sovereignty endorsed by God as their right and above the same law they administered over the non-aristocratic classes.

The minions today are blinded by false worries over contrived propaganda over health, environment, safety and security and whilst they battle out among themselves attempting to prove each more righteous than the other, condemning the sinners and nonconformists to state inspired dogma, spying and turning in neighbors to councils, applauding the Nanny State, supporting laws that tax and destroy freedoms of selected common men whilst destroying the same for themselves, the aristocracy at the top continues its merry way robbing the poor for the sake of the wealthy whom the poor and middle-classes installed over top themselves to dictate.

When viewing an historical account on the tely or in book, visualize how the transparency of the situation, where ruling class rode roughshod over the minions, is apparent in retrospect; and how like then, so like today, it is transparent thanks to the daily dose of propaganda and behind the veil of lies, the true core of manipulating the masses into docile servitude - the same now as it was then.

By realizing such one comes to see today is no different. Liars, all of them, sitting in Parliament, on Council and EU destroying instead of enhancing individual freedoms, liberties or personal economic improvement unless one conforms to the current dogma of our age and is spared a few crumbs for one's public display of loyalty.

In the propaganda lies the clue to the secrets used to control us. Everyone fall into line and agree unquestionably in order to remain barely afloat.

Five hundred years hence, look back and the same will be transparent as five-hundred years ago is today, we the fools for allowing it to fester to our own detriments and that of our children.

Curmudgeon said...

The main reasons for this are tobacco and, to a lesser extent, alcohol duties. The poor smoke more than the middle classes, and while they may not drink more, the duty is the same on cheap lager and chateau-bottled claret.