Saturday, 25 July 2009


Via Thomas Byrne, I find this nasty bit of gutter politics:

It looks really unpleasant, and it looks right out of the Damian McBride playbook. And I think lots of people are all to happy to believe the worst of the Labour Party.

But I don't believe Tom made any such post.

Tom is a Labour man through and through and I'm sure he would gladly knife the Libertarians for the hell of it, but I can't see him using language like that in public. I think he's too smart. I also can't find the original quote on the Lancaster Unity website and some light googling hasn't shown it up anywhere else either. And finally, the template for the comments doesn't match the template Lancaster Unity use either.

I reckon it's a fake, designed by someone to try and stir up animosity and name-calling. So, in order to keep the perpetrator happy, I have a name to call the perpetrator: you're a cunt.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Actually, "Damien McBride" must be a made-up name.

"Damien" appeals to Roman Catholics and fans of tacky 1970s horror films.

"Mc" appeals to the Scots, the Mick Irish, and art students (who famously all work at McDonalds restaurants).

"Bride" appeals to girls who dream of fairy-tale weddings, or young women, or possibly pervy older men.

"McBride" in turn could mean "a woman to whom you get married on a whim without real commitment", like "McJob".

So "Damien McBride" must mean "a Roman Catholic devil-worshipping Scots-Irish meaningless relationship backed up by the force of law".

Shit, if you spell it backwards it probably comes out as "Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians" or something.

Anonymous said...

I can't find this comment on the original post.

Someone please tell me if they do.

Anonymous said...

What, you're actually defending this Labour-supporting grease monkey? I never thought I'd see the day.

My own opinion? Miller is enough of a cunt to use such language, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm not defending him, unless you consider being called a cunt who "would gladly knife the Libertarians for the hell of it" defending someone.

But this is a staggeringly crude attack and if that's all Labour is capable of with all their spinners and years of practice, then it's more amusing than worrying.

Personally, I happen to think Tom is a much more devious and malign person than this little comment shows. ;o)

Miller 2.0 said...


As much as it might sicken you, I'd like to thank you for your post on this.

I make absolutely no secret of my disdain for many of the libertarians on the net. I disagree with the philosophy behind it, and I think that the whole thing is far too convenient for CCHQ. But I think that debate on the net is a good thing generally, and of course libertarians have a right to take part in that - though on a side note, I find it really strange that your representation is so much stronger on the net than at the ballots.

Yes, my deviousness level is certainly way above this sort of stuff. :op

Though credit to whoever did this; it must have taken a bit of conviction to sort out. As it happens my prime suspect is a certain frequent visitor to BNP forums, who also happens to be an air gun enthusiast. More detective work to be done there though...

Barking Spider said...

So why was this blog shut down then?

Why was it moved to here?

And why is it no longer open for public consumption?

Anonymous said...


What I don't get is when these allegations come to light (Labour List smears etc), you always claim to have nothing to do with them.

Now obviously you consider yourself the brightest kid on the block, indeed far too bright for we mere mortals, and your wording above proves that point.

Typical Socialist!

However, as I'm not in your intellectual league, I'm afraid the Idiom "No Smoke without fire" suffices for me.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Barking: The blog that Tom chose to hide like the weenie he is, is not the blog upon which the alleged remarks were made (Lancaster Unity, which is still open to the public.)

I suspect that Tom hid his own blog because he had far too many references to what a lovely bloke McBride was and how it was stupid for Gordon to sack him for a bit of childish fun. Or perhaps because he was tired of libertarians out-arguing his tired, statist cause.. :o)

@Tosser 2.0, I'm just off to have a shower now. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Right then, here's my tuppence worth . . .

Make no mistake that Miller is a nasty, devious, deluded piece of work and blindly loyal to Labour. Despite what he might say, he was one of the two people earmarked to run THAT Red Rag blog site which Damian McSmear was making up shit for.

Unsurprisingly I am not one of his favourite bloggers. At the time of Smeargate when I was doing my usual thing on my blog (remember the Smear Twats Ad?) I was citied on Tom Miller's blog as a perfect example of someone who is Autistic. I, of course, was unable to reply directly due to the fact that he won't allow comments. Surprise, surprise.

Now you know a bit of background I'll get to the point . . .

Obviously I cannot prove one way or t'other if that 'comment' image is genuine. I don't actually care to be honest because I know we are right and Tom Miller will always be a deluded twat and as such will always attempt pathetic 'attacks' on anyone who he (or his master) considers as a threat.

However. the tone in that 'comment', doesn't seem to be like any other ramblings I have heard from him before and the choice of some words seems a bit rough and ready for him. Miller really does have contacts at Central Office and I doubt whether he would risk alienating his 'arse licking' self from them by being quite so 'in yer face'. Unless of course he is receiving instruction from Damian McBride again?

As for a forgery, well as you know, that is something that I do all the time over at my place and it would be very easy to do. Perhaps it was me that did this one? Who knows, who fucking cares!

The point is, Tom Miller is a deluded labour loving die hard and will do whatever he is instructed to do, by on high, to help attack any bloggers that attack Labour. Oh and don't expect any reply from him here, he is far too cowardly. That's one reason he never allows comments on his blog.

WE don't need to be worried, we just need to keep doing what we are already doing and then some. Rest assured the likes of Tom Miller will be reading it all. I know for a fact that he has been reading everything I have done since Smeargate. He will be doing the same with you all too.

So what's he going to do?
Get your blog closed by Central Office?
So what, just start another and another.

There is fuck all that Labour can do to stop the likes of you and me from telling the truth. Labour are scared shitless about us.


It's about time they felt how it is to be completely fucked.

That is all.

Apologies for the longevity Obo

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Err, GOT, did you miss this? :o)

Anonymous said...

No, not at all.
That wasn't my point ;-)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

OK. :o)

Miller 2.0 said...

GOT, wakey wakey, get that tinfoil hat off my son.

You don't actually live in V for Vendetta. You probably spend most of your time driving a ford focus or summat, and wearing Marks and Spencer shirts. Barking Spider, I shut my blog because I'm creating a new one. But I'm kinda sick of blogging anyway, so the break (up until now) has been a nice one.

Miller 2.0 said...


Generally I tend to deny everything that isn't true.

My main criterion is generally 'did this actually happen?'. It works for me.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

So, do you deny that you were in the frame for the Red Rag? :o>

Chalcedon said...

It does seem to be too 'good' to be true. Perhaps a bit of doublethink BNP electioneering?

Anonymous said...

Do you see now?
Can't believe he fell for that old chestnut though, eh.

Excellent question of yours and I can't wait to see the reply. Shan't hold my breath though, eh ;-)

Obnoxio The CIown said...

Not hard to make you say something you don't want ;)

Bristol Dave said...

^^^ Muahahaha, phear my elite skillz

Just to demonstrate what may have happened, of course

JP said...

How the hell can you throw the facist BNP in with libertarians. Any smart political mind (not Labour then) know that libertarians are the complete opposite of authoritarians (inc. the BNP).

I suggest this Miller turd take a rather large cucumber and insert it into his arsehole, then read a book on political ideologies.

Fuckwit fuckretartfuckingfuckerface.

David Gillies said...

Of course fascists like Miller 2.0 hate usurpers on their territory, which is why Labour fascists have such a hatred for BNP fascists. It's a turf war. Hayek said this 60+ years ago. It's old hat.

But they reserve their particular hatred for the genuinely liberty-loving. The thing that sends a chill up Miller 2.0's spine, the thing that has him starting in wide-eyed horror from a dream about him trampling on people with his jackbooted comrades is that there still exists a core of individuals who spurn him and all his works, and that as successive iterations of Socialist idiocy are tried, and fail, the case for us Libertarians is bolstered.