Friday, 31 July 2009

England on fire, will there be Ashes?

Wow. 77 for 7 before lunch. I can't remember when last I saw the Strine reeling like this. Well done, chaps!

That is all.


Angry Exile said...

First the Olympics, then the Ashes? Bad enough that I'll have to try to sound strine for the first time to avoid being lynched, but poor Ricky Ponting... if he's allowed back in at all they'll cover him in Vegemite and VB and stake him to the middle of the Melbourne Cricket Ground during the AFL Grand Final.

Joe Public said...

Off Topic, but:-

"Farmer Tony Martin has been arrested and questioned by police in Cambridgeshire for allegedly possessing an offensive weapon.

Mr Martin, 64, was arrested when police stopped his car and found what was believed to be a farm sickle."

So if he hadn't been a Farmer; or, it wasn't a farm sickle, he'd be banged to rights (again)?

nbc said...

Don't hold your breath Obie, I've watched 21 wickets fall in a day at Edgbaston before so we could be into the second innings by close of play.

Bristol Dave said...

I can't watch any cricket on TV as I find I fall asleep before I can even change the channel.

Is this a common problem?



Surreptitious Evil said...

Rain puts out flames. Unfortunately.