Friday, 3 July 2009

Fuck "social justice"

So I went for a little drive today. And like most towns, my town has a "caahnsil haazin 'state". Which, clearly, I've never really explored. Today, I decided to drive a different route than usual to the doctors, one which entailed me traversing a section of the "caahnsil haazin 'state" that I've never been through.

And frankly, I was astounded. Most of the haazin was in pretty good nick, the gardens were not badly tended, etc., etc.

But the thing that fucked me the bejesus off was the number of "community centres" I saw. There are exactly fucking NONE anywhere else in town. On this little traversal of the "caahnsil haazin 'state" I counted FUCKING SIX OF THE CUNTING FUCKERS!!

All of them in tip-top trim, with nice little flower basket displays, all in immaculate nick.

What the fuck entitles these fucking people to all this "community support" when the poor cunts who fund all this are not fucking entitled to fucking ANYTHING?

How the fuckkety fucking fuck does that work, then?

Sorry folks, but when Obo takes over, there's going to be some fucking serious rearrangement of fucking priorities.


1327 said...

But the purpose of the centres isn't to help the estates underclass. Instead they exist to provide employment to god only knows how many Guardian reading Labour voters who staff them.

JuliaM said...

Six of them? SIX!?

Just how big is this 'state?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Come on Obo, wake up and smell the coffee for fucks sake.

These people have been labelled by the righteous that infest this country. I live in a 'cooncil scheme' as we call them here. All new community health centres/support centres etc etc are built in amongst areas like mine and the one you drove through earlier today.

Areas which have been labelled as 'deprived' need support, according to the righteous mantra, thus they get the 'support'. And with the support comes control, and votes of course. It gives the righteous a hard on, and will keep on happening.

So, the chavs and chavettes have been given a label and with that label comes an excuse for doing what the fuck they want whenever they want. It's not their fault is it? They have been labelled! They're happy, the righteous twats are happy, everyone's a winner!

Except for the likes of you and I, we're not the winners.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

@JuliaM: I was fucking stunned. It's not that big of a town, let alone estate. And it's Tory-run as well!

BTS said...

I don't even know what a 'community centre' is.. I thought they used to be called pubs..?

microdave said...

So you know why 20-30% of voters still intend to vote Labour....

Anonymous said...

When I visited my uncle in England I saw a lot of lovely homes with brick walls and signs claiming "x Estate","Y Estate" and thought how funny it would be to buy one and name "Council Estate".

Anonymous said...

Full of debt councillors who write letters telling the creditors to fuck off, social workers who help organise the black.single parent, disabled puppet collective using my fucking money. Gardens tended by wankers employed by the local council on final salary pension schemes who along with rest retire early through "stress" then are cured as soon as the first cheque hits the mat to take another job.
So, all in all excellent value for money.

Chalcedon said...

I'll be with you. Just require a Thompson with a hundred round magazine. And 646 bullets.

David Davis said...

The GramscoFabiaNazi bastard bureaucrats have to have somewhere that they pretend to go to work in.

It helps to keep the "staff" of the Cahnzil Haazing State, who are permenently penned therein, voting for people whom they are forced to believe have their best interests at heart.