Monday, 20 July 2009

Hell on earth

Well, apart from "other people", I reckon it has to be Stansted Airport. From the egregiously overpriced parking to the shell-suited pikey fuckers screaming "Darren, LEAVE IT AAAAAAAAAHHHT!" at their feral spawn, via the overpriced food shops and the thieving "duty-free" cunts, this just fucking sucks rancid moose cock.

Luckily the flight is not a long one.

It took less than 10 minutes for Stansted to bring me down from Ashes Heaven.



Warsteiner said...

Surely can't be as bad as Liverpool "John Lennon" Airport when in the midst of hundreds of pissed scousers staggering about trying to find their way from the bar to their gate for their fortnight in the sun.

PLEASE tell me it can't be worse.

wv "unatic" eh?

Harri said...

Stanstead , biggest shithole airport i have ever had the misfortune to fly to and from.

Even the fucking rats wear overalls !

Anonymous said...

The lack and absence of a 1st class lounge should be a warning signal. Small airports are not all bad. Minimal security.

Bugger Lugs said...

There is big dipper scam going on at the new Bangkok Airport involving false accusations of shop lifting, arrest and payment of "bail" set at thousands of dollars to get back on the plane.

Be warned.

Stockwell Stu said...

Clearly you haven't been through london luton.... every kappa slappa and chav making their way out to the baleatics with easy jet.

Never again

Anonymous said...

Luton is also a shite airport.

Mitch said...

Well that's cheered me up no end I'm off to Cyprus shortly from east Midlands.I fear the worst.

Snowolf said...

Manston airport down here in Kent was bloody superb.

Only problem was that the company that ran the airport and the only scheduled passenger airline that ran out of it went bust.

Stanstead - miserable.
Luton - just plain scary.

However, nothing, nothing at all, can compete with the arse-clenching, sphincter-quivering awfulness of Heathrow. Christ how I hate that place.

Anonymous said...

Snowy Heathrow isn't too bad. Wear a suit & try & swank it out in 1st class. Quiet, nice seats, free booze, TV, papers - lots. One can loose oneself.

Harri said...

Wesley Groves said...
Luton is also a shite airport.

20-Jul-2009 17:46:00

Its Lanndan Luton airport if you fucking please ?

Anonymous said...

All facking right Aitch I wuz being a caaaaant.