Friday, 31 July 2009

I fully expect heads to pop tomorrow

Let me make it clear, I stand second to no man in my opposition to ID cards. But if we're going to have them by hook or by crook, then I really consider this to be a bit of a fucking insult:

Instead the ID card design unveiled by the home secretary, Alan Johnson, features a tasteful floral pattern made up of the shamrock, daffodil, thistle and rose alongside the Royal Coat of Arms.

A Home Office spokesperson saidtoday this was because "the card represents all the nations of the United Kingdom and the design reflects themes of Britishness and aspects of UK history".

All fine and dandy, but what's wrong with the Union Flag?

A recent Identity and Passport Service impact assessment of the next phase of the ID card scheme says it is important that it is designed in a way that is open to everyone who has the right to live in the United Kingdom – whether they are British, Irish or a national from another country.

Jesus, what? So we're fucking taking the flag off an official document to appease fucking non-British citizens? These cunts really are having a fucking laugh!

Why don't they just hand the keys for the country over to the fucking BNP now? This is going to give the BNP another fucking month of free publicity!

Useless cocksuckers.


Mitch said...

If these cocknoshers are so ashamed of the UK why don't they fuck off to some communist shit tip?.
I like my flag and my country.....traitorous tards

JuliaM said...

"Why don't they just hand the keys for the country over to the fucking BNP now? This is going to give the BNP another fucking month of free publicity!"

It's almost like they WANT to see more facists in power, isn't it?

Johnny Uk said...

You know Obo, if you start belly-achng about the design on the ID cards then you're halfway towards accepting the poxy things. I don't care if the design features Swedish nymphos on the game (well...), I just don't want them. Period.
Oh, and Mitch- if you had half a brain you'd be talented. Prick.

TheBigYin said...

Nice commentators you attract around here Obo.

They might as well put the EU flag on there, the kupid stunts. and yes Johnny NO TO FUCKING ID CARDS, PERIOD.

Sue said...

I actually blame the BNP for much of our political correctness.

It wasn't until they "took up the flag", that it became unacceptable.

The BNP's racist agenda is responsible for the avoidance of discussion on racism.

If you dare to suggest discussing anything that the socialists deem "politically incorrect", what's the first thing you are accused of?

Being a member of the BNP.

It's all just bollocks!

Anonymous said...

Complicated. Irish have always had a special relationship. Northern Irish Orangistas are the only group left using the "Vritish" word. Flags. The NF draped everything in the Union flag in the 70s. Still has connotations. Called the "Butchers Apron" in Armagh. Fuck ID cards.

Angry Exile said...

Can someone tell me what they'll do to an expat visiting the UK if we're caught without the card we won't get because we're not residents? What if you can't prove your address is outside the UK? What if you've taken citizenship of another country and the PCSO who's semi-arrested you won't believe you?

You know what? Fuck it. If the cards come in, whatever design they have on the hateful fucking things, I'll keep it simple and not go any closer than Calais.

Anonymous said...

The flag was left off the design because the Home Office was worried that it might offend Irish nationalist. No Irish nationalists have claimed they would be offended, but the Unionists have decided to become offended because they see the move, quite justifiably, as pandering to the Nationalists.

There is no evidence at all, however, that the Nationalists would give a flying fuck if the Union Flag was printed in the ID card. Quite possibly they don't give a damn because they have no intention of carrying them.

Jonny Uk has a point. Once we are sidelined into bitching about what should and should not appear on the cards, we're imoplicitly accepting their introduction.

wv: coppers. When was the last time you saw one of those?

Costello said...

I really am sick of people talking about the "British and Irish" as if they were inherently incompatible nationalities. All of the Irish were, historically, British and courtesy of the north many still are. Whether they like this fact or not is absolutely fucking irrelevant just as the many Welsh and Scots who refuse to accept description as Brits has no bearing on the fact that they ARE Brits.

Costello said...
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Anonymous said...

Edgar I saw 5 of the fucktards last night on footpatrol in Botanic. It was a nice evening (until Popo showed up).One never sees them patrol in pissing cold rainy locales.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Edgar, I just saw two of the fat cunts munching away as I walked past McTurds.

Trixy said...

one presumes it's because originally it was supposed to have the EU flag, what with it being an EU proposal and they have to all be compatible.

Question: how will they combat terrorism if they're voluntary? Not that they ever would...

Trixy said...
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Mr Ecks said...

Don't care whats on it either--won't have one ever.

Mark Wadsworth said...


What's worse, what does that particular random selection of flowers and plants have to do with "themes of Britishness and aspects of UK history"?

Anonymous said...

what abaat a nice bit burberry,becks logo and a perfect coke cutting card for a nations epitaph?
as goes for the bnp in the great lyrics of the anti-nowhere league so fucking what?
knock em all you like as they are not going to invade poland!
eure papiere bitte