Monday, 27 July 2009

I hope Labour supporters are paying attention

Oh noes! More expenses! So, who is Lord Bhatia?

Bhatia is a 77-year-old Labour party donor who sits as a crossbencher. He is a successful businessman who has been prominent in several charities. After being made a peer by Tony Blair in 2001, he went on to lead the Edutrust Academies Charitable Trust which was formed to open and run city academies. He quit the board of the trust after a government inquiry found evidence of financial and governance mismanagement at the charity.

Doesn't sound promising. So, what is he alleged to have done?

Lord Bhatia, a businessman and philanthropist, has lived with his wife in a £1.5m home in southwest London for 20 years. Almost two years ago he decided to “flip” the designation of his primary residence to a two-bedroom flat in Reigate, Surrey, which has been his brother’s home for three years. The town is a mile beyond the M25 motorway, a boundary used by peers to define whether they live outside London for expenses purposes.

By saying the Reigate flat was his main home, Bhatia was able to claim lucrative “overnight” allowances from the Lords. Peers whose main home is outside the capital are able to collect £174 a night as reimbursement for the cost of a hotel or maintaining a second home while attending parliament.

He must be struggling to go to all that trouble. But I'm sure he acted with the utmost probity, after all, he is a Labour supporter, and we all know their shit doesn't even stink.

Bhatia could not remember the address of the flat when repeatedly asked last week. He had to look it up and even then misspelt the name of the block. A neighbour could not recall him living there, but Bhatia insisted he had spent many weekends at the flat and said he intended to move there with his wife when he sells his family home.

Oh, look. Another flying pig.


Oleuanna said...

I really want retribution with this one. He has no need to claim expenses....makes a mockery of his remit and I have issues with nouveau Lords at the best of times.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Interesting that the Times describes him as a Philanthropist - perhaps they are still too polite to use the phrase "Trough Snuffling Bastard"??

Fidothedog said...

Fucker needs the fraud squad to pay him a visit.

Alf Garnett said...

Why are the people in these stories nearly always Asian? Like 'bogus' or 'pervie' doctor stories - mostly Asian. We can't stop importing third world values can we!