Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's all so unfair ...

Fuck. The missus went to the doctor yesterday. Got the status report (all fine) and texted back a reply.

Or so I thought.

This morning, I get an earful for my lack of caring. Protest that I had replied. "Well, I didn't get a reply." Check my phone. True as fuck, there it is in my Drafts folder. My fat fingers obviously did something I didn't expect.

Now I'm in the dogbox again for no fucking reason at all. And it's going to cost me an obscene amount of money, because I've now decided that I can't put off replacing my phone any longer. I'm going to have to buy something with a more usable keypad.



Anonymous said...

She seemed fine to me last night, so I'm delighted that she has the all-clear.

Buy the girl some flowers and take her somewhere nice, you tight cunt.

I am not going to advertise but google wartling.

Mitch said...

Ahh! a pocket penis extension.

aljahom said...

Can't live with them, can't sell their limbs to a kebab shop.


WV: untied

The Adolescent 46 Year Old said...

A joke:

Q: What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?

A: Nothing! You've told her twice already for fuck's sake!!!


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


John Demetriou said...

While you're spending that oner on a new iPhone, you might want to spend an extra score and get yer missus a nice gift.

Always gets the brownie points in, does a gift.


David Gillies said...

Of course the demonstration that you had indeed tried to reply but had not through fuckwittedness or being a fumble-fingered cunt butters no parsnips. It was definitely not a woman who came up with the phrase, "it's the thought that counts." No love, we know. It's the bling that counts.

Call My Bluff verification word: SHAGNES - being the state of not getting any hoggins off the wife through an inadvertent lack of attention.

Chalcedon said...

I'm getting it for not listening. It's a man thing apparently as all her friends say the same bollocks about their husbands. Apparently going off to the pub and leaving her to sort out the house is a BAD thing!!! FFS!!!

aljahom said...

@John Demetriou:

"Always gets the brownie points in, does a gift."

Is this like a loyalty card where you get a shot at the brown for every monkey you spend? :-)