Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Jugend are alright!

Miniature police uniforms are being given to primary school pupils in Manchester for realistic role play.

What the FUCK?

"Engaging with children at an early age is an important aspect of neighbourhood policing as not only do they become used to a police presence but it also enables them to learn the difference between right and wrong at the very outset."

I'm sorry, did I miss an announcement? Have the Police suddenly become the arbiters of right and wrong? The only people who can teach kids the difference?

Fuck off, you arrogant cocksniffer.


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

It rather brings us back to the "Ladybird Book of the Policeman" doesn't it?

Gargantuan Clamneck said...

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Barking Spider said...

Getting them conditioned younger and younger - commie bastards!

LoudMimeDave said...

"Die Jugend marschiert mit frohem Gesang
bei Sonnenschein und Regen;
die Jugend marschiert mit sieghaftem Drang
dem großen Ziel entgegen.
Wir stürmen die Welt, geh'n fest unser'n Schritt
wer jung ist der fügt sich freilich mit,
die Jugend marschiert, kein Pfad ist zu steil,
dem Siege entgegen zu eil'n.
Sieg Heil!"

JuliaM said...


God, April 1st comes round earlier and earlier each year, doesn't it...

"Have the Police suddenly become the arbiters of right and wrong? The only people who can teach kids the difference?"

To be fair, on a lot of estates, they aren't going to get it from the parents. Assuming they know who they both are with any certainty.

oleuanna said...

*coughs* I notice no black asian etc; have been asked to join the force.

*shakes head* and so it goes on....

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@oleuanna ... always bringing race into it ... /rolls eyes

Sue said...

Early indocrination, that's the ticket! Nothing else important to learn at school is there?

Mr Rob said...

Do they get to shoot people with Tasers? I would have fucking loved today are spoilt rotten.


I always preferred "Dann wir fahren gegen England", but whatever...

Chalcedon said...

We taught our daughters right from wrong. It is the job of parents to do this! WTF the police have to do with this I don't know. Surely they uphold the law rather than teach morality?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Good point!

Why aren't there any darkies in the line-up?

john miller said...

You can see I'm commmenting as I'm scrolling down, eh?

It's illegal to wear a police uniform.

Well, unless you are a police officer.

So, all they are doing are making the poor little sods victims of arrest - so much more de jour than victims of crime..